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Art Talk Andy Warhol Presented By: Lindsey Texeira

2 Andy Warhol American

3 Overview Today we will be learning about an artist named Andy Warhol. He was a pioneer in Pop Art. Pop Art is defined as popular culture. By using contrasting colors, you can make any picture’s details pop or become more pronounced. Andy Warhol was an illustrator, painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. But he was most known for his print making. His talents gave him the opportunity to work with many famous people and character.

4 Early Life Warhol’s art studies began at the age of six when he contracted chorea, a rare disease of the nervous system. His mother and brothers kept him occupied by teaching him drawing, tracing and printing. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Pictorial Design in 1949

5 Leader of Pop Art Painter Printmaker Illustrator Sculptor Film-maker

6 Printmaker On July 9, 1962, Warhol hosted his first major exhibition at the Ferus Gallery (Los Angeles). The show included a set of 32 canvases of Campbell’s Soup cans. One canvas for each soup variety offered by the manufacturer.

7 Sculpture The first exhibition of Warhol sculptures took place in 1964, displaying hundreds of images taken from product boxes such as Heinz, Kellogg’s, and Brillo.

8 Painter

9 Illustrator

10 Filmmaker

11 Famous Artworks

12 In November 2013, Warhol's painting Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) (1963) sold at Christie's New York for a record $105.4 million.

13 Ask Yourself… Did you ever think that a image of a soup can could become an art masterpiece? What is print making? How can you print a picture, that identical, over and over?

14 Final Product

15 Warhol Art Project Step 1 Step 5 Step 2 Step 6 Step 3 Step 7 Step 4
Print a photo of your child in BW to highlight the edges. Step 2 Trace the basic outlines and shapes that come through. Step 3 Go over your drawing with black marker. Step 4 Scan your image to your computer and copy and paste it till you have the amount desired.  Or have children copy their drawing onto a paper four different times. Step 5 Start filling in the drawing with bold, bright and unusual colors. Step 6 Be sure and pick one color per space and get those backgrounds colored in too. Step 7 Leaving some white makes it interesting as well. All Done! Frame your artwork or display side by side for a fun effect!

16 Reference Andy Warhol Biography. (n.d.). The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts -. Retrieved July 8, 2014, from ml Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids. (n.d.). Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids. Retrieved July 8, 2014, from

17 Rubric Online Posting in Forums and in Assignments:
_x_ Includes a title page that describes the presentation _x_Title page includes your name _x_Background information about the artist, period in art history, culture, OR technique _x_ Five or more images of the selected works of art _x_A series of open-ended questions to get children and adults to look closely at the art work (double check that all questions are open-ended and that all answers can be accepted) _x_ Brief summary list of major concepts you want to share with elementary students in the classroom. _x_List a series of art production experiences that will build on the art talk. (Note: These can become the art lessons that are part of your Art Unit Plan.) _x_Citations for all sources for information and images x__Post work in Forums _x_Respond in writing to three Art Talks. x__Name___Joann___________ _x_Name____Fianna__________ _x_Name____Trineen __________ _x_Post PowerPoint and Completed Rubric in Assignments

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