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Forecasting the Weather How does weather affect your daily life??

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1 Forecasting the Weather How does weather affect your daily life??

2 Facts Weather forecast – Prediction of weather conditions over the next 3-5 days Meteorologist – Person who observes + collects data on atmospheric conditions to make weather predictions

3 Weather-Forecasting Technology Need to measure the following – Humidity – Air pressure – Precipitation – Temperature – Wind speed – Wind direction Collect these both at surface and above

4 High in the SKY Weather balloon – Measures weather conditions in the sky – Find : temp, air pressure, Relative Humidity, wind speed, wind direction

5 Measuring Air Temp. + pressure Thermometer – Measures air Temp. – Air temp. increases-liquid expands-moves up the glass tube Barometer – Measure air pressure – Works the same as a thermometer

6 Measuring Wind Direction Windsock- – Cone-shaped cloth bag open at both ends – Wind enters through the wide end and leaves through the narrow end – The end pts into the wind

7 Wind vane – Arrow with a large tail attached to a pole – Wind pushes the tail – Arrow pts into the wind

8 Measuring Wind Speed Anemometer – Measures this – 3-4 cups connect by spokes to a pole – Wind pushes the cups – Causes an electric current that is measured + displayed on a dial

9 Radar + Satellites Radar – Find location, movement, + amount of precipitation – Will detect the form of precipitation – Doppler Radar is an example

10 Weather Satellites – Orbit the Earth – Images of weather systems – See these on Weather forecast – Tracks storms, measures wind speed, humidity, temp. at different altitudes

11 Weather Maps United States, National Weather Service, Nation Oceanic + Atmospheric Administration all collect and analyze weather data Use about 1,000 different weather stations across the country to gather info in the US

12 – Each station makes a station model Small circle that shows the location of the weather station States the Temp, precipitation, dew pt, wind speed + direction, Amount of cloud cover, barometric pressure


14 Reading a Weather Map Isobars – Are the weather maps you see on TV – These are lines that connect pts of equal air pressure – Labeled with H or L (high or low) pressure – Blue-cold – Red-warm


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