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Forecasting the Weather. 5sbzM 5sbzM

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1 Forecasting the Weather

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3 Who does it? Meteorologists observe and collect data on current weather conditions in order to give accurate (or at least close…) predications

4 In Order to Predict… You need to measure things like air pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind speed – Air temp = thermometer – Air pressure = barometer – Wind direction= wind vane – Wind speed = anemometer

5 Weather Balloons (What layer were they in???) They measure things like temperature and air pressure

6 Satellites Dozens of satellites keep a constant watch over the Earth each day. Some are geosynchronous (stay in the same position over the Earth) while others orbit around the Earth.

7 What type?

8 Temperature

9 What type?

10 Precipitation

11 What type?

12 Satellite

13 What type?

14 Radar

15 It can see father - with greater detail and more power than any other weather radar in the world! So sensitive it can detect birds, bats, bugs, pollen in the air and leaves rustling on nearby trees. Doppler Radar

16 Symbols (Isopleths) Isobars are lines of equal pressure. The closer together two isobars are the stronger the winds. Isotherms are lines representing equal temperature. In the attached photo, the red bars are isobars and the yellow are isotherms

17 Symbols


19 Try it Describe the weather in Florida. Describe the weather in Denver. Describe the weather near Chicago.

20 /wxmap/wxmap.php /wxmap/wxmap.php

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