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Measuring Lower and Upper Atmospheric Conditions By: Ashley Noah.

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1 Measuring Lower and Upper Atmospheric Conditions By: Ashley Noah

2 Measuring Lower- Atmospheric Conditions

3 Air Temperature  instrument that measures and indicates temperature is called a thermometer.  When the temperature rises it causes the liquid to expand and rise in the tube.  Electrical thermometer-the electric current that flows through the material which is translated into temperature readings.

4 Air Pressure  Changes in air pressure affect air masses  Barometers measure atmospheric pressure  A drop in air pressure usually is indicated by a front approaching.

5 Wind Speed  Anemometer measures wind speed  Anemometer is usually consists of small cups that are attached by spokes to a shaft that rotates freely  The anemometer works by when the wind pushes against the cups and causes them to rotate.

6 Wind Direction  Wind Vane determines the direction of wind  Wind Vane is commonly an arrow-shaped instrument that turns freely on a pole as the tail catches the wind.  Wind direction can be described by using compass directions or by degrees

7 Measuring Upper- Atmospheric Conditions

8 Radiosonde  Radiosonde is an instrument package that is carried high into the atmosphere by weather balloon to measure humidity, air pressure and air temperature  Radiosonde sends measurements as radio waves to a receiver that records the information.

9 Radar  Radar-instrument for determining weather conditions in the atmosphere  Radar stands for Radio Detection And Ranging  Uses radio waves to determine velocity and location of objects

10 Weather Satellites  Weather satellites collect important information about the atmosphere  The direction and speed of the wind at the level of the clouds can be measured by examining a continuous sequence of cloud images

11 Computers  Meteorologists use supercomputers to figure out the weather or by solving the math equations that describe the behavior of the atmosphere  Data can provide information that is useful in forecasting weather changes  Computers may greatly improve weather forecasts

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