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Advantages & Disadvantages of Energy Resources

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1 Advantages & Disadvantages of Energy Resources

2 Geothermal Advantages Disadvantages: Low cost
Inexhaustible No environmental impact Pumps can store heat for later use. Disadvantages: Source is close to volcanic activity. Some plants use lots of water – creating water pollution. Supply could change. Cannot be transported. High start up cost.


4 BIOMASS Advantages Produces less harmful greenhouse gases.
Can be sustainable. Can be used for different purposes. Disadvantages: Takes a lot of space. Not entirely clean. Expensive Not easily transported.


6 Wind Advantages It’s free Does not produce pollutants Disadvantages:
Strength of the windmill varies. Noisy/Unsightly Large wind farms are needed to produce enough electricity.


8 NATURAL gAS Advantages Cleanest fossil fuel available. Cheap.
Easy to transport Disadvantages: Contributes to greenhouse gases. Explosive Nonrenewable


10 Oil Advantages A small amount can produce a lot of energy.
Easy to transport and produce. Constant power source and it’s reliable. Disadvantages: Creates greenhouse gases. Pollution Nonrenewable Increase in violence.


12 Hydropower Advantages Stable source Clean Disadvantages:
Expensive to build dams Droughts affect production Environmental changes because of the dam.


14 Nuclear power Advantages Does not emit CO2 pollutants
Continuously generates electricity. Disadvantages: Expensive to start and maintain power plants. Safety concerns. Waste that remains toxic for many years. Non-renewable

15 Chernobyl

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