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Applying for the ETV, All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant and Other State Financial Aid Programs.

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1 Applying for the ETV, All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant and Other State Financial Aid Programs

2 Benefits of Grants & Scholarships Financial aid provided to a student based on need or academic achievement that do not have to be repaid=FREE money for college vs Student Loans-must be paid back upon completion of college

3 Multiple Access Points – Look on right-hand side of screen – Look on right-hand side of screen **Look for link upon completion of the FAFSA**

4 Optional link at end of the FAFSA Multiple Access Points

5 Screen 1 Contains link to FAFSA- required for ETV & Foster Grant(MUST REAPPLY EACH YEAR!!) Contains Link to User Guide which is a video demo of application Scroll down and click ‘Start Eligibility Wizard

6 Select Undergraduate Screen 2

7 Complete the dropdown boxes Click “Step 3: Qualifying Questions” Screen 3

8 Answer the questions by clicking the radio buttons This screen has built-in logic; answering the Foster Grant question with a ‘no’ will immediately open up other questions about State Training School/adoption Click “Step 4:Review Answers Screen 4

9 Displays answers from previous pages Student can edit/change the information by clicking appropriate “edit” buttons Click “Step 5: View Matching Programs Screen 5

10 Shows which programs a student may receive at each college that they indicated on Screen 3 Notice some grants are only available at certain colleges or types of colleges Note – the bottom of the screen displays other matching programs that require ONLY the FAFSA. The matching programs on the top of the screen require FAFSA and State Application Click ‘APPLY NOW’ Screen 6

11 Does the student already have a username and password? Yes – click ‘Sign in with your A&A account’ and proceed to Completing Your Application. No – Click ‘Continue’ Screen 7

12 Password Recovery

13 Enter Account ID

14 Forgot ID Enter Email Address and ID will be emailed to you.

15 Select the appropriate role and click ‘Go’ Creating a New Account

16 Either click the ‘Find’ button to select your college, or Check the box if not currently attending Click ‘Next’ Creating a New Account

17 Complete the fields and notice that the Account name is populated for you. Note the default account name format is: Firstname.Lastname@iowaid If the student does not have their own e-mail address, they can create an address through this system. They must have their account name and password to access any part of the application system Take a moment before continuing to record account ID (including @iowaid suffix) and password. Creating a New Account

18 The student creates their own password and it must contain certain characters. If the password doesn’t meet the standards, a flag will appear and a new password must be entered. Creating a New Account

19 The student needs to record their account ID and password. These are the credentials they will use to log in each year to complete the ETV and Foster Care Grant application. Disregard the Import a Choices Portfolio, but be sure to check the box for the Terms of Use at the bottom of the page before clicking “Create Your Account”. Creating a New Account

20 This screen repeats the account ID and lists the e-mail address associated with this account. Account names can be retrieved using e-mail if student didn’t use system-generated email address. Creating a New Account

21 Sign in using the newly created account ID and password. Note –students can use the tabs at the top of the page to retrieve account ID and password if they forget them in the future Creating a New Account

22 Encourage the student to choose questions that they will easily remember in 12 months. Questions like ‘lucky number’ and ‘favorite cartoon character’ are often forgotten. These questions are used when a student needs to retrieve their password. If they can’t answer the questions, they can’t reset their password. Creating a New Account

23 After the student has successfully created a new account, they are automatically directed back to the ‘Apply Now’ button Creating a New Account

24 Applicants can only import their FAFSA if the FAFSA was submitted 2 or more weeks prior to completing this application. It is recommended that students ‘ Skip This Step’. Complete the Application

25 The Profile Page collects all the usual demographic information. The e-mail address listed on this page is the address that will be used to communicate with the student regarding eligibility and awards. Complete the Application

26 Students are required to enter a program of study and school they plan to attend. This information does not determine eligibility, and students can contact Iowa College Aid to update their application if college plans change.

27 Complete the Application Students should enter their high school information. The search box makes locating a school easy.

28 Students should note the email disclosure statement at the bottom of the page. All communications regarding State scholarships and grants will be sent to the applicant using the email address provided in the application. When ready, students should click Save & Continue. Complete the Application

29 If, based on the answers given during the eligibility wizard, students meet the basic eligibility requirements for the ETV and Foster Care Grant they will be directed to the application for those programs.

30 Complete the Application Students must agree to the terms and conditions of the application in order to apply for these programs. Terms and conditions include permission to release of information to a variety of relevant individuals and offices. After reviewing terms, click ‘Submit Application and Continue.

31 Complete the Application When the application has been successfully submitted, the account page will load and show the program application status as ‘submitted’ and have a date and time stamp. Note – ETV is listed under programs which require additional application materials. The additional application materials refer to the required completion of the FAFSA. Students will need to apply annually (beginning January 1) to continue to receive ETV & Foster Care Grant funds.

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