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Health Promotion in the Workplace Abi Howes Workplace Health Promotion Practitioner.

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1 Health Promotion in the Workplace Abi Howes Workplace Health Promotion Practitioner

2 Aim Most of our waking hours are spent at work, which means the working environment can play a big part in our health and wellbeing Why am I here? Highlight the importance of healthy employees What you will gain as an employer of a healthy workforce

3 The Facts Inactive employees are less productive by 5-6 hours per week than active employees (Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine) In 2012, workplace absence averaged 7.7 days per employee per year with a reported cost of sickness absence is £600 per employee per year. (CIPD, Absence Management Annual Survey Report 2012) 24% of adults in England are classified as obese ( Employees who have 5 cigarette breaks a day will be accumulating the equivalent to 28 working days a year ( 6 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women are not active enough to benefit their health (NICE) Research shows that the implementation of a structured workplace health & wellbeing programme can decrease sickness absence by 30-40% on average. (PriceWaterHouseCoopers)

4 How can a healthier lifestyle help? Being physically active can reduce the risk of/alleviate:  Stroke and coronary heart disease  Osteoporosis  Stress/depression  Certain cancers (colon and breast)  Type 2 diabetes  Poor sleep Eating well can help reduce the risk of:  Certain cancers (bowel, stomach, oesophagus, mouth, breast)  Obesity  Stoke and coronary heart disease  Low energy levels  High blood pressure

5 How can a healthier lifestyle help? Quitting Smoking can improve:  Energy levels  Immune system  Levels of stress  Length of life Reducing consumption of alcohol so that it is not regularly above the recommended daily limit can reduce the risk of:  Liver problems  High blood pressure  Heart attack  Some cancers

6 What will you gain as an employer? Reduce the cost of workplace absence through sickness, increasing productivity: Studies have shown physically active employees take 27% fewer sick days (Health, Work and Wellbeing Programmes) Several programmes have seen rates lower by 12-36% and a reduction in absenteeism costs of 34% (Kreis J and Bödeker W) Maximise staff potential and morale Improve communications and working relationships within the team Show your commitment to staff’s health and wellbeing A happier work environment and workforce Improve recruitment: Well designed wellness programmes can increase employee job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover by 10-25% (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

7 How can ECCH help? Tailored support: This does not have to be time consuming - Leave all the organising to us You decide how to progress

8 ECCH Workplace Health Package

9 Stop Smoking Clinic Health Checks Coordinated walk routes Training walk leaders to guide lunchtime walks Activity Taster Session Jogging/running clubs Resources and updates for National Promotional Events Structured Mental Health Workshops i.e. stress and depression Weight Management Programme (Mytime Active) Chlamydia Screening Pick Up Points* *14-25 year olds - £2 for every screen received

10 East Coast Workplace Health Newsletter

11 Wellbeing Zone  Confidential site  Password protected  Healthy Eating Guide  Personal Trainer  Techniques to reduce stress and tension  Weight Management Plan  Food and Fitness Diary  Advice Centre – ask a professional  Member Discounts

12 Responsibility Deal Department of Health and Public Health England initiative This initiative is aimed at all businesses no matter what size Starting point for business who are thinking about introducing health and wellbeing into their workplace by signing up to some ‘Local Partner’ (up to 250 employees) pledges:  Signing up to Change4Life Employers Guide  Using the Health for Work Advice Line  Providing information on the free, local Stop Smoking Service  Encouraging participation in regular physical activity  Promoting active travel  Where food and drink is available to staff, ensure there are healthy options  Alcohol awareness  Encourage staff to attend free health checks eg NHS Health Checks

13 How to take Workplace Health Forward Sign up receive the monthly East Coast Workplace Health Newsletter Survey employees to find out what they feel is important and deliver directly to them (with the agreement of the company) Train a Workplace Health Champion – RSPH Level 2 Health Understanding Improvement Choose initiatives you feel would be of benefit to your employees and we will arrange delivery Arrange a promotional information day to raise awareness of the things employees can do to help themselves Accredited Business Award or Responsibility Deal Partner


15 For any further information about the Health Promotion Team please contact: Abi Howes – Workplace Health or 01493 744419 Tracey Read – Health Promotion or 01493 744420 And finally……..


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