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Norfolk’s Working Well

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1 Norfolk’s Working Well
Justine Hottinger Health Improvement Specialist – Workplace May 2010

2 Most of the population is of working age

3 Case for workplace health
Good Health is Good for Business Good work provides, income – keeping people out of poverty, is good for self esteem, social interaction, provides structure and keeps people active in mind and body. Health of working age people has consequences far beyond individual to family, children, workplace, wider community and economy. 175 million working days lost to sickness absence at a cost £13 billion to economy 1 million people report sick a week Direct cost IB are £12.5 billion. There are 2.65 on IB – majority been there 5 years or more and more likely to die or retire than return to work.

4 The Shape of things to come
Globally, over 50% of deaths are due to : -Type 2 diabetes (obesity) -Cancer -Chronic respiratory disease -Cardiovascular disease. Three main risk factors (tobacco, physical inactivity, poor diet) promote these diseases. These risk factors provide a clear focus for business. What is the social and economic toll of chronic disease?

5 Mental Health 13.7 million days lost due to work-related mental health – stress, depression, anxiety – estimated cost £28.3 billion a year. NICE Guidance – November 2009 Highlights how employers and employees can work in partnership to improve mental health and wellbeing, including prevention and early identification of problems. By following recommendations in NICE average organisations of 1000 can save estimated £250,000 a year in sickness absenteeism and increased performance.

6 Key Facts Employees who are physically active take 27% fewer days off sick On average smokers take 4.4 days of sick than non-smokers 25% sick days taken are as a result of stress 16% of men compared to 6% women will die while of working age Poor nutrition = poor concentration in short term & a range of health problems in long term 17million working days lost each year in UK due to alcohol

7 Health of Men at Work Men less likely than women to make use of other forms of primary care provision. More men in paid employment and twice as likely to work full time (14.1 million men, 7.8 women), men work more over time and retire later. Men develop many serious illness 10 – 15 years earlier than women. 16% men compared to 6% women die while still of working age. Health improvement initiatives at work are effective at engaging men and are welcomed and valued by men. Delivering health improvement services in workplace would significantly improve male health in England.

8 Role of workplace Most employees spend around half waking hours in workplace during working week. How people travel to work, what they do, what they eat, how they feel and are treated at work will have an impact on health. Workplace can play key role in delivery of health interventions.

9 Business Case Improved workplace health Improved corporate images
Increased productivity Increased staff moral and loyalty Reduced absenteeism Reduced staff turnover Networking with other partners Assistance in legislation compliance Economic sense Invest £1 get £3 in return

10 The Potential of the Workplace

11 Bold and Ambitious The Strategic Challenges we face in Norfolk
To enable fair and equal access to all services for all communities; especially for those living in rural areas To shift high quality care closer to home from acute to community settings Focus areas 1. Lifestyle and Prevention 2. Personalisation, independence and choice 3. Right care, Right time, Right place To halt and reverse the increasing gap in health inequalities across specific health issues and communities To design and commission world class healthcare services for the elderly and ageing population

12 What we offer Business Workplace Health Programme NHS Health Checks
Health Trainers IAPT

13 Workplace Health Programme
Norfolk’s Working Well Conference Business breakfasts Training workplace champions Accreditation Men’s Health Research Workplace health information

14 NHS Health Checks We are introducing NHS Health Checks for 40 – 74 year olds. The workplace offers a tremendous opportunity to work with employers. Commissioned support services to back up the Health Checks; Stopping smoking Exercise Referral Life4Life weight management programme

15 Health Trainer Service
Our health trainer service offer 1-1 lifestyle behaviour change to people and currently can work in business in Norwich, Thetford and Kings Lynn.

16 IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)
IAPT is a community mental health service designed to support people with common mental health problems either stay in work or back into work.  It could support existing company counselling services or provide direct support for employees, saving thousands of days lost through sickness related work absence every year.

17 Key Documents - reference

18 Health Improvement Specialist – Workplace
Contact Justine Hottinger Health Improvement Specialist – Workplace

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