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Ricardo I. Rodriguez Period 3. Computer Art Mr. Lim

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1 Ricardo I. Rodriguez Period 3. Computer Art Mr. Lim

2 Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, also known as Pablo Picasso; 25 October 1881 – 8 April 1973), was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramic ist, stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his adult life in France. As one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, he is known for co- founding the Cubist movement, the invention of constructed sculpture, the co-invention of collage, and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore. Among his most famous works are the proto- Cubist Les Demoiselles d'Avignn (1907), and Guernica (1937), a portrayal of the Bombing of Guernica by the German and Italian air forces at the behest of the Spanish nationalist government during the Spanish Civil War.

3 Probably Picasso's most famous work, Guernica is certainly the his most powerful political statement, painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during Spanish Civil War.

4 The Old Guitarist was painted in 1903, just after the suicide death of Picasso's close friend, Casagemas.

5 This paintings was painted in 1907. It was called the most innovative painting since the work of Giotto, whenLes Demoiselles d'Avignon first appeared it was as if the art world had collapsed. Known form and respresnetation were completely abandon. The reductionism and contortion of space in the painiting was incredible, and dislocation of faces explosive. Like any revolution, the shock waves reverbetrated and the inevitable outcome was Cubism.

6 Girl Before Mirror was painted in March 1932. It was produced in the style Picasso was using at the time and evoked an image of Vanity such as had been utilized in art in earlier eras

7 An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought. ” -Pablo Picasso Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don't start measuring her limbs. ” -Pablo Picasso He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable, indisputable law. ” -Pablo Picasso I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them. ” -Pablo Picasso

8 Pablo Picasso was a very inspiring artist. Rather then using words, he used his art to speak. Pablo gave a new meaning to the art world. My favorite painting that Picasso made is “The Old Guitarist”. I chose Picasso because I've heard of him and the masterpieces he's created are astonishing!


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