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Creating a Portfolio Website Phillips. Go to

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1 Creating a Portfolio Website Phillips

2 Go to

3 Click Sign In

4 Create a new user + password

5 Re-enter Email and Password, Click Sign up

6 Select a category or click “all templates” (at the bottom)

7 Pick a template (blank options available & a bit easier to work with!)

8 Option: search for portfolio

9 Pick a template by clicking edit!

10 Watch the introduction video.

11 Security Features Required of all students

12 Search engines should not be able to find you.

13 Protecting with a password (required)

14 Protecting with a password 2 (required – make every page the same password)

15 Renaming existing pages


17 Adding pages

18 Adding pages 2

19 Reordering pages (drag and drop by clicking on the page you want to move)

20 Adding Elements (text, image, etc.)

21 Add a blog page like you would any page Add a blog page like you would any page (only one blog per website allowed).

22 Adding a blog elements

23 To Edit Other Pages – choose a page at the top

24 Another way to find settings – click anywhere on the page or on a specific item

25 To delete features – click item & select trash icon (bottom right of pop-up menu) Hm... I want to delete this thing.

26 Undo-Redo and Copy-Paste

27 Adding images

28 Adding Images 2

29 Adding images 3 (drag and drop from folder OR select files to upload)

30 Adding hyperlinks Step 1 - Highlight or click on the text or image that you want to hyperlink Step 2 – Click the link button

31 Adding hyperlinks Step 3 – Select the type of hyperlink you would like to create. Step 4 – click “ok”

32 Adding hyperlinks Step 5 – Copy the URL from a website, upload an image, upload a document, etc. -- Select what you are hyperlinking. Step 6 – copy weblink or select image/document, click “open in new window” or “open in same window” if those are options For this example, I’m copying a URL from a website that I want to link to my portfolio! I’m pasting the URL I copied into the correct location on my wix page. I select open in new window or open in the same window.

33 Hyperlinks: Did it work? Dotted line underneath = YES, it worked!

34 Adding hyperlinks to an image 1.Click on the image. 2.Click “link to” 3.Choose the type of hyperlink you would like to create.

35 Where do I find my site address?

36 Changing Background, Color, and Font

37 Adding documents 1.Choose the “+” sign. 2.Click on “media”.

38 Adding documents 2

39 Adding documents 3 When you add a document, an icon will pop up on the screen. Right click or double click the icon to add your document by clicking “choose document” from the menu.

40 Adding documents 4 Now, you will either choose a document you’ve uploaded or upload a new document.

41 Adding documents 5 Your document is now on the page. You may move it to a different part of the page. You may change the icon or style of the font, too.

42 Other media could include …

43 Add buttons and menus

44 Add free apps (including one that will let you embed the web)

45 Add page transitions

46 Ask questions! The help center has videos!

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