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Tourist Types Discuss the different categories of tourist.

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1 Tourist Types Discuss the different categories of tourist

2 Different types of tourist have different needs Families Young people Senior citizens Couples Visitors with specific needs Visitors with special interests Business travellers

3 Task You must use a number of resources to research the following destinations: Berlin in Germany Bruges in Belgium Centre Parks in Holland (Netherlands) Benidorm, Spain Rome, Italy Kitztbhul in Austria You must create a display which shows the features of each destination. You will include Climate, Landscape (Is the destination hilly? Flat? Lakes? Rivers? Sea?) transport and communication links (how can tourists enter the destination and get around when there?) accommodation range (discuss the star ratings available) activities for business and general (conference facilities?) natural and built attractions (what types of attractions are around the destination?) events and entertainment (are there any big events at the destination or theatre shows for example) cost of visiting and living (Is it expensive or reasonably priced?) local culture including food and drink (what is the local food and drink like?) You will explain which type of destination you think each destination is and why you think this. You will describe which type of visitor may be suited to each destination and why (you will explain how the destination would suit their needs).

4 Features: Accommodation, facilities and attractions Hotels Self catering Hostels B&B Camping and Caravanning Carry out research on recommended campsites across Europe What kind of facilities do these do the above accommodation provide

5 Why don’t you go walking in the Alps? Read the article on page 122 of the text and write a short note to a keen rambling friend, recommending why you think they should enjoy walking in the Alps

6 Natural Built attractions The term ‘topography’ describes the natural shape of the planets surface and includes features such as lakes, mountains and coastline. Tourists are attracted to these features as they are visually appealing.

7 Built Attractions Many ‘built attractions’ were originally built with the intention of becoming tourist attractions. New. However, they are the historic sights that attract those millions of people who are interested in the past and its buildings. This is often called ‘heritage tourism’ Historic houses Castles Ruined towns and cities Ancient monuments Museums Task: Page 123 Complete the activity Mr and Mrs Murton

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