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Careers in Clinical Social Work Craig Stanley PhD, LCSW College of Social Work Florida State University.

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1 Careers in Clinical Social Work Craig Stanley PhD, LCSW College of Social Work Florida State University

2 What is the Definition of Social Work? Social Work is a profession dedicated to enhancing human capacity to solve complex social problems in order to create a more humane and just society Clinical Social Workers assess, plan, and intervene with client systems using a person in environment perspective

3 What are the activities in which Clinical Social Workers engage? Assess, diagnose, and treat clients Provide psycho-social services to clients Work in collaboration with other human service professionals to plan and implement services Facilitate clients gaining access to appropriate community resources Advocate for client needs and utilize current research in providing client services Provide leadership and clinical supervision

4 What types of organizations or businesses employ Clinical Social Workers? Human Services Agencies Child Welfare Agencies U.S Military and V.A. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Agencies Behavioral Health Centers Hospitals and Medical Facilities Hospice Facilities Educational Institutions Private Practice Disaster Relief and Trauma Care Agencies

5 MSW Degree –Typically 2-year Program –Clinical focus –CSWE Accredited Institution How much graduate training is needed to become a Clinical Social Worker?

6 Are certifications or additional training needed to become a Clinical Social Worker? Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW 2 Years Post-Masters Experience Obtaining a passing score on ASWB advanced clinical exam. 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years.

7 How good are employment opportunities for Clinical Social Workers? Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) reports growth in this profession to be “faster than average” MSW graduates prepared to enter wide array of employment opportunities

8 What salaries do Clinical Social Workers earn? Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 Data Median Salary Levels $49,830 for healthcare social workers $41,530 for child, family, and school social workers $39,980 for mental health and substance abuse social workers The lowest 10 percent earned less than $27,450, and the top 10 percent earned more than $72,980.

9 How flexible are working conditions for Clinical Social Workers? Dress Code: Typically Casual/ Business Casual Work Hours: Can be very flexible- Dependent on type of job Vacation: Dependent on industry

10 What skills and experiences should undergrads acquire if they are interested in Clinical Social Work? Relevant Work/Volunteer Experience Research Experience – Lab or DIS Upper Division GPA –Typically a 3.4 or better GRE –Scores at or above the 50 th percentile Many schools prioritize analytical writing component Well developed Personal Statement Letters of Recommendation

11 What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Clinical Social Worker? Participating in a profession that has the potential to have a lasting and positive impact on an individual, family, group, or community. –A chance to make a difference

12 What is the biggest drawback of being a Clinical Social Worker? Compassion Fatigue To avoid this: –It is imperative that professionals create and maintain support networks. –Social Work professionals must continue to work on their own personal issues.

13 Website recommendations for students interested in Clinical Social Work FSU- College of Social Work Website National Association of Social Workers Bureau of Labor Statistics- Social Work social-service/social-workers.htm#tab- 6

14 Contact Information Craig Stanley, Ph.D., LCSW Associate Dean for Academic Affairs University Center C, Office 2517 (850) 644-1201 1-800-378-9550

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