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Exploring Becoming a Mental Health Counselor

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1 Exploring Becoming a Mental Health Counselor
Presented by: Jim Messina, Ph.D. , NCC, CCMHC

2 What are the Hallmarks of a Profession?
Professional Membership Organization Code of Ethics Research into Effectiveness of Service Delivery Certification and Licensure Accreditation

3 The National Professional Association of Mental Health Counselors
American Mental Health Counselors Association

4 Suncoast Chapter of FMHCA
Florida Chapter of AMHCA Suncoast Chapter of FMHCA

5 Association AMHCA Belongs to
American Counseling Association

6 CODES OF ETHICS Governing Mental Health Counselors

7 Research in the field is Reported in AMHCA’s Journal

8 AMHCA’s Online Newsletter

9 National Certification

10 Two National Certifications
NCC: National Certified Counselor – Over 48,000 CCMHC: Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor – Over 1,000 are CCMHC’s

11 State Licensure-FL 491License Board
In Florida 7, Licensed Mental Health Counselors 1,545 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists 10,070 Licensed Social Workers In USA 120,429 Licensed Professional Counselors 54, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists 202,924 Licensed Social Workers

12 Accreditation-CACREP
74 Graduate Programs in the USA are CACREP approved in Clinical Mental Health Counseling In Florida they are: Argosy Sarasota Barry University Florida Atlantic University Florida Gulf Coast University Florida International University Florida State University Rollins College Troy University Southeast Region: Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Walton Beach, Panama City & Pensacola University of Central Florida University of Florida University of North Florida University of South Florida Online: Cappella University Walden University

13 SO! What do Mental Health Counselors Do?
Mental Health Counselors offer full range of services: Assessment & diagnosis Treatment planning and utilization review Psychotherapy Brief and solution-focused therapy Alcoholism and substance abuse treatment Psycho-educational & prevention programs Crisis management Trauma Intervention

14 ACA’s 20/20 Commission’s Definition of Counseling
Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals

15 What Skills Do Mental Health Counselors Need?
Ability to understand dynamics of Human Development to capture good psychosocial history of clients Diagnosis of and treatment for behavioral pathology Evidenced based practices in psychotherapy to provide credible treatment to clients Understanding of basic neuroscience of brain and nervous system to understand roots of emotional responses to life’s stressors Understanding of psychopharmacological treatment of psychopathology

16 History Timeline of Creation of Mental Health Counseling Profession
1976 – Coining of term Mental Health Counselor and formation of American Mental Health Counselor’s Association as Division of ACA 1979 – Creation of the National Academy of Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselors 1981 – First State Law to license Mental Health Counselors put into effect in Florida 1985 – AMHCA had over 12,000 members 2011 – AMHCA put out its newest Standards of Practice in Mental Health Counseling

17 What are the future prospects for the profession?
Recognized for VA Positions in VA Hospitals and Field Agencies Hope to soon be recognized for Medicare Services Increased work in Behavioral Medicine in Hospitals, Rehab Centers, and Primary Care Physicians’ Offices Increased work in Substance Abuse and Alcohol Treatment Facilities Increased work in Courts as Custody Evaluators

18 What Training is Needed to Become a Mental Health Counselor?
Masters in Mental Health Counseling – 60 hours including courses in all aspects of the field, plus a practicum and Internship 2 years post Master Internship under supervision of LMHC or registered supervisor prior to becoming licensed Pass the Master’s Comps and Licensing Exam

19 Where does one get Mental Health Counseling training?
CACREP accredited Mental Health Counseling Graduate programs either in person on ground or Online or Hybrid mix of on ground and online

20 How do you get yourself ready?
Graduate from your Undergraduate Program Take the GRE or MAT Apply to CACREP accredited Masters Degree Programs Get accepted Enjoy the ride to becoming a Recognized Mental Health Professional as a Mental Health Counselor!

21 Any Questions?

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