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Fifth Grade Science Project

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1 Fifth Grade Science Project
The Scientific Method

2 The Scientific Method 1. Topic: select a topic for your project that interests you. 2. Purpose: You should have a reason for conducting your experiment. What good will come from finding the answer to your question?

3 The Scientific Method 3. Statement of the Problem: This is a formal statement describing your experiment in more detail. You must follow the format “What effect does _____ have on _____?” 4. Review of Literature: This is where you research everything involved with your experiment. Use a variety of sources. You will have to create a bibliography.

4 The Scientific Method 5. Hypothesis: You predict the outcome. You will make a reasonable guess and write it as a statement. It must be written as “If ________, then _________.”

5 The Scientific Method 6. Procedure of Investigation: The most important and detailed part of the experiment. It contains 4 parts 1. List of materials 2. Variables 3. Step by step directions. 4. Data table to record results of the experiment.

6 7. Summary of Results: Includes both a graph and a written explanation of the results.
8. Interpretation of Data: This is a written explanation of what your results prove.

7 The Scientific Method 9. Conclusion: Three sentences that describe what happened and what could happen again. 10. Future Study: How could you change the experiment to take it to the next level? Did it leave you with any additional questions?

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