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SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT TITLE Name(s) Mrs. Rubio Period _____.

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1 SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT TITLE Name(s) Mrs. Rubio Period _____

2 Title Abstract Problem Statement Research (This will take several slides.) Bibliography Hypothesis Materials Procedures Variables (include independent variable, dependent variable, constants and control) Data (include quantitative and qualitative data, photographs and graphs) Results Conclusion Applications

3 Abstract Title Name School Purpose of project / experiment: An introductory statement of the reason for investigating the topic of the project. A statement of the problem and hypothesis being studied. Summarize procedures, emphasizing the key points or steps: A summarization of the key points and an overview of how the investigation was conducted. Omit details about the materials used unless it greatly influenced the procedure or had to be developed to do the investigation. Details in brief of observations/data/results: This section should provide key results that lead directly to the conclusions you have drawn. It should not give too many details about the results nor should it include charts or graphs. State conclusions and applications.


5 Research Information

6 Bibliography Minimum of three references or sources.

7 Hypothesis

8 Materials

9 Procedure 1. 2.

10 Variables Independent Variable: Dependent Variable: Constant Variables: Control:

11 Data Remember to use METRIC measurements Data tables (may vary depending on the experimental design) Photographs

12 Graph(s) Analyzing Data: Make sure to choose the correct type of graph.

13 Results This is an analysis of the data in narrative form.

14 Conclusion Answer the following questions when writing your conclusion. 1. What was investigated? (Describe the problem statement.) 2. Was the hypothesis supported by the data? 3. What were the major findings? 4. How did your findings compare with other researchers? 5. What possible explanations can you offer for your findings? 6. What recommendations do you have for further study and for improving the experiment? (Include possible sources of error.)

15 Applications What are some possible applications of the experiment? How can this information be used in the real world?

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