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Scientific Method Vocabulary

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1 Scientific Method Vocabulary
Vocabulary Foldable

2 Vocabulary Question Purpose
The reason you are doing the experiment. What are you trying to figure out? What are you trying to find out.

3 Vocabulary Research Hypothesis
Finding out as much information on the topic as possible. Make an educated guess based on the research of what will happen in your experiment.

4 Vocabulary Variables Materials
State the three variables in your experiment. The control, independent, and dependent variables. List all the materials that you used to conduct the experiment. List them in bullet points.

5 Vocabulary Procedure Experiment
A detailed step by step explanation on how the experiment was completed. This is when you conduct your experiment. Make sure you record your results using the data table.

6 Vocabulary Results Conclusion
The data collected from the experiment is recorded in chart/graph. Is there anything unusual about the data explain. Analyze results, what did you learn from the experiment? Was your hypothesis correct? This is a summary of how your experiment went.

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