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Public Relations Marketing Co-Op.

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1 Public Relations Marketing Co-Op

2 Public Relations and Publicity
Public Relations - Activities that promote the favorable image and communications a company has with its employees, customers, investors, and the public. Publicity: Free mention of a product or company in the media (Placing positive and newsworthy information about a business, its products or its policies in the media)

3 Building Your Image Who are you building the image for?
External public: the community and customers Internal public: the employees, volunteers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

4 Things to keep in mind about PR/Publicity
Publicity is a tool used by marketers, BUT they can not control how the media will share their story There is both positive and negative publicity. (Negative publicity can do harm and create a negative image) Public opinion is one of the most powerful forces in society

5 Why does a business use Public Relations?
Improving public image Cope with a crisis Sense of goodwill Benefits Increased sales Reinforce a good reputation Increase consumers willingness to respond to advertising

6 Examples of Public Relations
Grand Opening of a new mall Presentation of an award to the company or an employee Company-sponsored sports event Company – sponsored scholarship program Charitable event like a walkathon Interview with company official about new policies or product

7 Customer Relations Good customer service brings in repeat business – leading to the success of the company Courtesy and friendliness Helpfulness and tolerance Interest and product knowledge Some businesses offer special services Free delivery Gift wrapping Layaway

8 Employee Relations Successful businesses have loyal and well motivated employees Programs are created to foster positive attitudes Tuition reimbursement Recreational programs (gym memberships) Employee recognition programs

9 Google Known for focusing on employee relations
Services offered to employees First-class dining facilities Gyms Laundry rooms Massage rooms Haircuts Carwashes Dry cleaning Commuting buses

10 Community Relations The activities a company uses to gain and maintain the respect of the community Sponsor charitable events like Special Olympics Provide mentors for local students Make charitable donations to local charities Build relationships with local schools

11 Can Publicity Make or Break a Star?
Rebecca Black

12 News Release (celebrities, sports teams
What is a press release? A factual announcement sent to the media to be used as a news item Sent by businesses, organizations, individuals and government agencies (celebrities, sports teams and figures, companies, etc.)

13 What do you want to communicate?
The facts: 5 W’s and an H Who? What? When? Where? Why? Oh, yeah. How?

14 Other Public Relation Duties
Press Kit – folder containing articles, new releases, feature stories, and photographs about a company, product, team or person Press Conference – meeting in which a business or organization invites media members to hear an announcement about a newsworthy event

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