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Trends In Computing (Mobile Phones)

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1 Trends In Computing (Mobile Phones)
Isabelle Cripps 4095 Wildern School 5843

2 What is this presentation about?
My presentation is about mobile phones and how they have changed over time. The applications that are now on phones. I have chosen this area of computing technology because it is the section I know most about.

3 History Of Mobile Phones
The first mobile phone was invented in April 1973. Mobile phones used to be a lot more money than they are nowadays. In1985 some phones used to be £3000. There have been a lot of changes to mobile phones overtime such as looks, applications, and more (Weather, News, Maps.) Mobile phones during the 90s didn’t have a camera and you could not access the internet or the weather.

4 Uses Of Mobile Phones Phone Calls This has had an impact because people can now not just only make a phone call but they can FaceTime as well. Internet This has had an impact because people can now access the internet on their phones and not just make phone calls like you could just do when the first mobile phone came out. Applications This has had an impact because you can now get games and social networking sites on your mobile devices. Work Purposes This has had an impact because people who are always out and about for their work can do their work on their mobile phones. Social Networks This has had an impact because teenagers now spend more time on their technology and are known for unlocking their phone 110 times a day on average.

5 What Would Happen If This Technology Didn’t Exist?
If this technology didn’t exist then teenagers will have a big shock in their lives because they spend a lot of time on their technology. Adults might not have such a big shock because they don’t go on their phones as much as teenagers do. Adults can do some of their work on their computers. If phone calls didn’t exist then we would all be in shock because sometimes we rely on phone calls If the internet didn’t exist then teenagers will be upset because they do spend a lot of time on their social networks and the internet. If applications didn’t exist then adults and children will have a big shock because most the apps on their phones need the internet If social networks didn’t exist then teenagers would be more social with their friends and talk to them more. If the work purposes were not on the phone then adults would have to find somewhere else to do their work (laptop)

6 Issues Legal Ethical Social
What age should we give children their first mobile phone? How long children spend on their phones? No driving with the phone up to your ear This is dangerous because you don’t concentrate fully on your driving. This is a bad thing because young children should be more social and not spend their time on phones . This is a bad thing because teenagers spend over 7 hours a day on their phone . When they could be out with friends socialising.

7 Facts and figures The weight of a phone used to be 2lb. The same weight as a bag of sugar. The first mobile phone was made in 1985. In the UK a mobile phone is stolen every three minutes. In 2000, just half of UK adults said that they had a mobile phone – that figure now stands at 93%.

8 Conclusion In conclusion I think mobile phones have had a big impact. We have done this by changing phones through the years and making them cheaper so that families can buy them for their children when they get to year 6 or when they go off to secondary school. I think that mobile phones are a good thing to have around nowadays. This is because teenagers and adults can communicate when they are not around each other. But then in a way they are not a good thing because people don’t communicate as much as they did when they didn’t have a mobile phone . In conclusion I think that mobile phones are a good idea because it allows people to keep up to date with the News and Weather. Also they can keep in touch with their friends that they don’t see often or live abroad.

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