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CE Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science

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1 CE 3231 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science
Ohio Northern University CE Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science Introduction Chemistry, Microbiology & Material Balance Water & Air Pollution Env Risk Management Major Environmental Laws The US was the first country to write laws for the purpose of environmental protection and stewardship. The US EPA is the first government Agency whose mission is to enforce environmental legislation. Here we cover the evolution of environmental laws as they developed. Readings for Next Class: 1

2 Lecture 20 Historical to Present (Major Environmental Laws I)

3 Making of a Law A Bill is proposed before Congress
House votes, Senate votes, President approves Bill becomes enacted (“Act”) Acts are given to agencies who develop regulations based upon the enacted legislation US EPA creates and adopts regulations Regulations become enforceable standards

4 History of Environmental Legislation
1878 – National Quarantine Act Protection from foreign disease through ports Maritime Hospital Service 1899 – Rivers and Harbors Act No dumping of refuse into navigable waters of the US Army Corps of Engineers 1918 – Migratory Bird Act of 1918 Prohibited “taking” migratory birds

5 Migratory Bird Act

6 1924 – Oil Pollution Prevention Act of 1924
Prohibited intentional release of oil into navigable waters Army Corps of Engineers 1944 – Public Health Service Act Founded Public Health Service Given responsibility for public health protection and sanitation 1955 – Air Pollution Control Act 1st air legislation Authorized federal dollars for research and inventories US Surgeon General Overseas (Head of PHS)

7 Air Pollution Control Act
Donora, PA – 20 people died October 1948 due to killer smog London UK – ~12,000 people died Dec 1952 due to Great Smoke event (5 days)

8 Air Pollution Control Act
LA - Recently

9 1970 – National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
1963 – Clean Air Act Announced that government will control air pollution Authorized plans to develop a national program to address air pollution 1967 – Air Quality Act of 1967 Authorized enforcement of interstate air pollution 1970 – National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 “let there be comprehensive environmental protection” Established national policy to do something Targeted the Federal governments impacts Began environmental impact assessments

10 NEPA and EPA 1970 – Environmental Protection Agency Created
Executive order of President Nixon Separate agency for environmental issues (1st of its kind)

11 EPA Regions

12 After EPA is Formed Air Water 1970, 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments
1972 Clean Water Act 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act Set enforceable standards for drinking water 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act Regulates introduction of new or existing chemicals into the marketplace.

13 Safe Drinking Water Act
53 Organic Chemicals 16 Inorganic Chemicals 3 Disinfectants 4 Disinfection Byproducts 8 Microorganisms 4 Radionuclides

14 Land 1996 Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
Office of Pesticide Programs 1973 Endangered Species Act Protects endangered species (16 animals and 5 plants in OH – including Indiana Bat, Sheepnose Mussel, Piping Plover, + others) DDT from Airplanes Mueller 1948 Nobel Prize Indiana Bat

15 Hazardous Waste 1976 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
Proper disposal of solid waste and hazardous waste 1980 Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (Superfund) Provides money for clean up of legacy sites Authorized legal action to recovery costs Love Canal, New York - Part 1 Love Canal, New York - Part 2

16 Future of the Agency Regulatory Action & Enforcement
Legal Action & Role of Market Share Research and Development

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