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Microsoft Outlook Remote Web Access For HCDE Employees

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1 Microsoft Outlook Remote Web Access For HCDE Employees
Windows XP Operating System Please follow these directions to access your mail from home or any other remote site.

2 Please Note This presentation is designed for users with the Windows XP operating system. Each version has slight differences in the log on process. Please identify which version of Windows you are using before attempting to log on. If you have Windows 2000, please use the Win 2000 Web Outlook Tutorial located on the HCDE web site. These instructions are for Windows XP users.

3 Log On Information For Windows XP Users
Step 1 Open your Web Browser (Internet Explorer). Type in the address for the HCDE Web Site and then press ENTER. Next, click on the link for employee .

4 Log On Information Windows XP Click on the link for home or any other remote location

5 The Log On Screen User Name
Step 2 Windows XP This Log On screen will pop up in the middle of your current screen. To continue logging on, at the User name dialog box type in: hcdetx\ and your username. Your User name is your first initial and last name, no spaces. (example: Santa Clause user name would be hcdetx\sclause)

6 The Log On Screen Password
Windows XP Step 3 IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU HAVE HAD AN HCDE ACCOUNT, please use password as your password. You will be prompted to change your password at a later date. Employees with existing accounts, please use your network password to log on. After you have entered this information, click OK

7 The Log on Screen Windows XP Step 3 After logging on the first time, a second log on box will pop up. Log on to this screen by using the same username and password that was used on the first log on screen.

8 The Outlook Web Client After successfully logging on both times, the Web client will appear. The web client will allow users to view new mail, enter contacts, enter calendar appointments and tasks.

9 For Additional Assistance
Contact the Technology Help Desk

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