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Different Types of Menus

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1 Different Types of Menus

2 Fixed Offers the same dishes every day for a long period of time.
Where would you see this? Hotels, Ethnic Restaurants, Fast Food Operations IN-N-OUT Burger

3 Cycle This menu is used for a set period of time, such as a week a month or even longer. At the end of this time period this menu repeats. Where would you see this? Hospitals, Schools, Factories

4 Du Jour Lists dishes that are available on that particular day
Where would you see this? Specialty Restaurants You will often see… Soup Du Jour A.K.A.: Soup Of The Day

5 A’ La Carte Offers each food and beverage item priced and served separately La Pizzeria's Dinner Menu: Authentic Italian Pizza in Campbell in Santa Clara, California

6 Semi’-A-La-Carte You will find appetizers and desserts priced separately. The entrée will probably include a soup or salad, side dishes and possibly a beverage. Campbell, CA - Campbell - Outback Steakhouse

7 Table d’ hote It lists complete meals, from appetizers to desserts and sometimes beverages, for one set price. An example… A banquet menu

8 Prix Fixe Similar to a table d’hote because it offers a complete meal for one set price but customer chooses one selection from each course offered. Where would you see this? Elegant Restaurants Plumed Horse Restaurant - San Jose Fine Dining | San Jose California Cuisine | Best Restaurant in San Jose

9 Meal-based A menu that shows dishes available for a single meal. Such as just breakfast, lunch, dinner or ethnic. Stacks Restaurants: Breakfast Menu

10 California It lists breakfast, lunch and dinner meals available all day long. Denny’s Restaurants Menu

11 Continental Provides a selection of juices, beverages and baked goods. (usually only for breakfast)

12 Ethnic Represents food choices from a specific country.
Genji Japanese Steak House and Cocktails

13 The Challenge at hand Choose an index card
Read about your type of menu in the textbook and write down the description. Go to a computer station and do a google search on your specific type of menu. Write down two advantages and two disadvantages for your type of menu. On computer, pull up each one of your “selected” restaurant websites (on back of index card) look at the menu examples. Now search online for a third sample of your specific type of menu from a local restaurant. Download and print it. Once everyone is done, break into quad groups based on the letter on the front of your index card.

14 Completing the Challenge
You are now an "expert" on your menu type. Each “expert” will now share…  a. which menu type they selected            b. description of that menu type            c. advantages and disadvantages you found on your specific menu type      d. Share your printed menu sample with the group Once everyone in quad group has shared, rotate to another quad group and “experts” share out again You are done with the challenge when you have seen and learned about each type of menu.

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