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Scratch Semi-homemade / Speed-scratch Finished / Convenience 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

2 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies
SCRATCH COOKING Meal preparation that uses a recipe and no convenience foods for most foods served. 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

3 Advantages of Scratch Cooking
One can choose what ingredients go in to flavor the dish and provides maximum variety, creativity, and more flavorful in meal preparation. (Example: -Like lots of onions, add extra onions to the casserole -Add more spices if you prefer -OR substitute chicken instead of beef) 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

4 Are there recipes where ingredients cannot be changed?
Yes! Basic ingredients in baked goods CANNOT be changed such as basic flour, fat, or liquid ingredients. Flavoring ingredients like cinnamon or vanilla can be changed. 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

5 Advantages to Scratch Cooking
You can control ingredients based on health concerns. (Example: someone in your family has high blood pressure; change or omit the amount of salt the recipe calls for) 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

6 Advantages to Scratch Cooking
Provides maximum nutritional value Fewer additives and preservatives Usually less waste in packaging Uses quality fresh ingredients Scratch cooking can be a way to relieve stress Share time with family and friends 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

7 Advantages of Scratch Cooking
Saves you MONEY! While your time is worth money, the money you save buying your own ingredients can help trim your food bill. 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

8 Disadvantages of Scratch Cooking
Takes more time to plan Takes more time to shop Takes more time to prepare 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

9 Examples of Scratch Cooking
Making biscuits using a recipe with flour, shortening, and buttermilk instead of from a can. Cooking pasta, adding milk, eggs, and cheese to make baked macaroni and cheese instead of using a box version. 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

10 Semi-homemade/Speed Scratch
Meal preparation that uses a convenience food, such as a mix or already prepared food as part of the recipe. + pancake mix = speed scratch pancakes 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

11 Advantages of Semi-Homemade/Speed Scratch
Saves time and energy by providing short cuts Adds variety and creativity to recipes Usually less expensive than convenience foods Easier for inexperienced cooks to prepare recipes with more confidence than scratch recipes 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

12 Disadvantages of Semi-Homemade/Speed scratch
Flavor may not be what you wanted (example: too strongly flavored in some ways and not enough in others) Mixes tend to be high in fat, salt, sugar, and refined grains—less good nutrition than scratch recipes Less meal appeal than scratch More preservatives and additives than scratch Extra packaging More costly than scratch 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

13 Examples of Semi-Homemade/Speed Scratch
Browned ground beef + canned beans + canned tomato sauce + spices = chili -use dried beans to save money and sodium, but it takes several hours to prepare dried beans -using canned beans takes only minutes Baking a cake, cookies, or brownies from a box mix 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

14 Examples of Semi-Homemade/Speed Scratch
Bananas + instant pudding + vanilla wafer = banana pudding -use homemade pudding to control sugar and add nutrition with eggs -instant pudding is ready in 5 minutes, preparing homemade pudding, even in the microwave, takes about 8 minutes 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

15 Finished/Convenience Foods
Meal planning and preparation that uses all precooked, ready-to-eat, serve and eat foods Can be used as a whole meal or as parts of a meal May be purchased at a store or restaurant. 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

16 Advantages to using finished/convenience foods
Convenient Time saving (macaroni & cheese)‏ Energy saving Fear of cooking success is minimized Usually more nutritious than fast foods (read labels) 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

17 Disadvantages of Using Finished/Convenience Foods
More expensive than the other meal preparation strategies Highest sodium/ fat content than the other meal preparation strategies Flavor and appearance may not compare as well as the other meal preparation strategies More additives and preservatives than all other meal preparation strategies More packaging than the other meal preparation strategies 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

18 Examples of Finished/Convenience Foods
Roasted chickens Bagged salads Pre-cut fresh fruits and vegetables Canned foods Frozen fruits Frozen pizzas and other entrees 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies

19 Examples of Finished/Convenience Foods
Bakery items-cakes and pies Packaged cookies Using as parts of a meal, items such as restaurant made salads, side dishes, or entrees. 6.02F Meal Preparation Strategies


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