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Convenience Foods vs. Making from Scratch

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1 Convenience Foods vs. Making from Scratch
Made by Ms. Hughes

2 Competency #46 Compare and contrast the cost and taste of made-from-scratch, convenience, and ready- made foods.

3 What does it mean to make something from scratch
Making a food from scratch involves using staple ingredients, or other store bought ingredients. Ex. Making our cookies, and making the macaroni and cheese Read where do you buy scratch?

4 Advantages of Made from scratch
You are in control of the recipe Flavors Dietary restrictions Freshness May be less expensive than purchasing ready-made or convenience versions May be a family recipe passed down from generation to generation

5 Disadvantages In general may take longer than similar convenience methods Can be more expensive Requires you have all necessary ingredients on hand More mistakes may happen if you are inexperienced in preparing the recipe

6 What are convenience foods
Box macaroni and cheese Soups Taco kits Hamburger Helper Quaker Oats oatmeal Boxed cake mixes

7 Ready Made Foods Foods sold premade or cooked. Ex. Deli salads
Bakery items Rotisserie Chicken Frozen or Refrigerated entrees, dinners, or side dishes

8 Convenience Foods-Advantages
Less preparation time Reduced planning, buying, and storing of ingredients Fewer leftovers More variety, especially for inexperienced cooks Faster and easier cleanup Storability-usually keep well for extended periods

9 Convenience Foods-Disadvantages
May be less of certain ingredients (meat, fish, cheese) Cooking time may be increased for thawing or longer baking time Harder to control fat, salt, and sugar Cost per serving my be higher that homemade

10 Three Levels of Convenience
Basic-canned, frozen, or dried foods with few ingredients Instant potatoes, frozen juice concentrate, canned veggies

11 Three Levels of Convenience
Complex- Several ingredients with more time-saving processing, these often cost more than homemade Ready to use frosting, frozen waffles, frozen entrees

12 Three Levels of Convenience
Manufactured-Cannot be made at home, relatively expensive because of production technology Carbonated beverages

13 What makes a Convenience Food Cheaper than Homemade
Mass production and distribution are cost effective Transportation is cheaper for packaged foods Taking advantage of bulk prices and seasonal production Less spoilage and waste occur

14 Low Cost Convenience Frozen juice concentrate
Cake and pancake dry mixes Canned vegetables and fruits Plain frozen vegetables Instant mashed potatoes Spaghetti sauce Macaroni and cheese dry mix Canned condensed soups Frozen french fries Bread, crackers, rolls

15 Some Convenience Foods are more expensive
Choose convenience foods carefully and make it at home if you have time/resources Packaging, precooking, and seasoning and sauces add cost The more done to foods by someone else the more you pay

16 High Cost Convenience Frozen vegetables with sauce Coating mixes
Carry-out or deli items Frozen entrees or dinners Instant hot cereals Fancy bakery items Ready to use frosting Frozen pancake batter Meat “helpers” Seasoned Rice

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