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2 Convenience Foods Convenience foods are used to shorten the time of meal preparation at home. Some foods can be eaten immediately or after adding water, heating or thawing; canned soup and frozen dinners are two examples. Other convenience foods such as cake mixes are only partially prepared.

3 Food Technology World War II – dehydrated foods
1948 Pillsbury first cake mix (white and chocolate fudge) No mixer Beat with a wooden spoon Course texture 10 years until fine texture Histories: TANG –NASA “The drink of the astronauts”

4 What affects the cost of convenience foods:
Research Preparation Processing Packaging Labor Management Shipping Marketing

5 Convenience Food Info Some convenience foods cost less, some cost MUCH, MUCH more. May require a larger food budget. Requires careful planning and price comparisons. Desired amount, equipment, ingredients, and supplies.

6 Why do people buy convenience foods?
Busy schedules Quick meal Easy to fix Lifestyle Time saved makes up for extra $$ spent

7 Why don’t people buy convenience foods?
Less time spent interacting with family May have lower nutritional value May not include enough portions of fruit and vegetables May not get enough servings from the Canadian Food gUIDE Contains a high percentage of fat and sodium

8 Convenience Foods Easy for children, elderly, people with poor health.
Simplify meal preparation Can be used in creative ways: Added as an ingredient in a recipe. Combined with other convenience foods to create a homemade taste.

less preparation time reduced planning, buying and storing of ingredients fewer leftovers more variety, especially for inexperienced cooks faster and easier cleanup storability – usually keep well for extended periods

10 Convenience Foods Save Time But Can Cost More
Convenience foods can cost more than the same foods you make at home. Choose them carefully. Make foods at home, if you have the time. What adds to the cost of convenience foods? *packaging *precooking *seasoning and sauces The more done to foods by someone else – the more you pay: Make your own convenience foods *Leftovers are one key to convenience *Plan meals so you will have leftovers to eat later in the week. $ Make Your Food Dollars Count $_

may be less meat, fish or cheese than you would include in homemade versions cooking time is sometimes increased for thawing or longer baking time harder to control fat, salt and sugar levels cost per serving may be higher than homemade

12 HIGH COST CONVENIENCE *frozen vegetables with sauce *coating mixes
*carry out or deli items *frozen entrees or dinners *instant hot cereals *fancy bakery items *ready-to-use frosting *frozen pancake batter *meat “helpers” *seasoned rice

13 *cake and pancake dry mixes *canned vegetables and fruits
LOW COST CONVENIENCE *frozen juice concentrate *cake and pancake dry mixes *canned vegetables and fruits *plain frozen vegetables *instant mashed potatoes *spaghetti sauce *instant nonfat dry milk *macaroni and cheese dry mix *canned condensed soups *frozen French fries *bread, crackers, rolls

14 Some Convenience Foods are Cheaper than Homemade because:
*mass production and distribution are more cost effective *transportation is cheaper for packaged foods, especially in concentrated form *original purchase costs take advantage of bulk prices and seasonal production *less spoilage and waste occur with packaged convenience items

BASIC – canned, frozen, or dried foods with one or very few ingredients; instant potatoes, frozen juice concentrates, and canned vegetables COMPLEX – several ingredients with more time-saving processing; these often cost more than homemade—ready-to-use frosting, frozen waffles, and frozen entrees MANUFACTURED – cannot be made at home, relatively expensive because of production technology--carbonated beverages, instant breakfast, and ready- to-eat cereals

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