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Working with English Learners

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1 Working with English Learners

2 -English learners should have daily English language development lessons -Books in both the home language and English should be available on a daily basis. (use a checkout system, as a reward…)

3 Taken from: Bennett, C. (2011). Comprehensive Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice. Boston, Mass. Pearson Peregoy, S. and Boyle, O. (2013). Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL. (8 th ed.). Boston, Mass. Pearson

4 Eight Characteristics of Teachers who have attained high level of racial and cultural competence

5 -Are very comfortable with students -Engage students all the time -Have a personal positive connection with each student

6 -Have very high expectations for each student and follow through with them -Accept total responsibility for any students lack of success (persistence pays off) -Have a strong positive relationship with all the parents

7 - Constantly reflect on their practice & include others in the assessment of their practice - Develop and use culturally relevant lessons on a regular basis

8 Principles of Culturally Relevant Teaching

9 -Students must experience academic success, including literacy, numeracy, and the technological, social and political skills they need to be active participants in a democracy. Self esteem accompanies genuine academic success. What does this mean?

10 -Students must develop and/or maintain cultural competence, and the students home culture becomes a vehicle for learning. What does this include?

11 -Students must develop a “critical conciousness” through which they may challenge social injustice. What might this look like?

12 Examples of Culturally Relevant Teaching

13 An emphasis on cooperation and collaboration in the classroom -Encouraging students to rely on and support each other -Including students’ real life experiences in the curriculum

14 -Allowing students to ask their own questions and search for their own answers -Encourage students to lead discussions & other class activities

15 Working with English Learners

16 PREREADING -Build background knowledge -Motivating the learner -Setting purpose

17 - Some pre-reading strategies -Overview (preview of topic) -films -pictures -preview in L1

18 During Reading - Reading with a purpose -Monitoring comprehension -Engaging background knowledge

19 During Reading Strategies - Learning logs -Asking questions -Using headings/sub-headings -Answering questions

20 -Postreading -Organizing & remembering information -Using information

21 -Post-reading strategies -Artwork -Summarizing -Publishing/dictation -Reporting -Making a film

22 Other helpful strategies for ELs

23 - Before a lesson Review the concept -in the home language (L1) if possible -provide a book, film, youtube or information sheet (search google…)

24 Before a lesson cont… Teach key vocabulary

25 During the lesson -Use visuals, gestures, pair/share -Assign a bilingual buddy to EL -Repeat & define key vocabulary

26 -During the lesson cont… -create a graphic organizer, writing or using pics of major concepts Examples: venn diagrams, clusters comic strips, charts, … - ask questions that are comprehensible for Els (watch sequence of questions, ask questions that require one-word answers…)

27 During the lesson cont… Review the major concepts at the end of the lesson. – encourage students to add a sentence using the vocabulary to their vocabulary journal

28 After the lesson -Modify the task for Els based on their English fluency Ex: instead of a paragraph, a sentence, or a pic and dication

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