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CRM Made Simple Introduction to CRM and Overview of SugarCRM.

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1 CRM Made Simple Introduction to CRM and Overview of SugarCRM

2 Increase Sales Productivity “In just 12 months, we shortened our sales cycles by 20 percent & increased our new business by 15 percent” Massimiliano Pianigiani, Sales Director, Mia Energia (Italy) “We’ve experienced productivity gains of 30-50 percent” Erica Vorsay, General Manager, Trans-Tasman Business Circle (Australia) “Our sales team has increased productivity by 30 percent while our customer service team has improved its response time by 50 percent.” Mahzan Miskam, Head of Information Communication Technology, UEM Land Group (Malaysia)

3 Improve Customer Service “The integration of SugarCRM throughout the business has reduced order processing from a half a day to less than one hour.” Naomi Simson, CEO, Red Balloon (Australia) “Our switch to SugarCRM means that we are now even better equipped to deliver excellence in customer service” Alex Pettefer, UK Group Marketing Director, Loomis (UK)

4 Better Visibility and Cost Savings “In just over a year we have reduced employer’s health care costs by 20 percent and reduced membership information processing time by 60 percent.” Marty Heaner, CTO, Tenzing Health (USA) “SugarCRM’s customization and integration capabilities have saved us tens of thousands in operational costs thanks to its ability to tie sales and back-office operations together.” Martin Ross, VP of Technology, Healthscreen (Canada) “We have tripled the number of web leads, and increased the visibility into our business” Jennifer Maitland, Marketing Operations Manager, Caplin Systems (UK)

5 Agenda What is CRM Why a CRM Who is SugarCRM

6 CRM Customer Relationship Management

7 CRM CRM is about Customers

8 CRM CRM is about Growing and Retaining Customers

9 Demand Generation

10 Lead to Cash


12 Customer Life Cycle

13 Keep Your Customers Happy

14 CRM – 360 Degree View Sales Marketing Support

15 For You, The Business Manager Who Needs To Better organize sales process Integrate campaigns Improve customer support Automate customer interactions Gain & retain more customers

16 Because You Want Focus on selling, not data entry Automate your sales process Solutions fit your goals Visibility and predictability A cost competitive solution

17 SugarCRM: The World’s Fastest Growing CRM Company Business Leading provider of Open Source CRM Software Founded April 2004 in Cupertino, California Europe Head Office in Munich, Germany IBM Global Alliance Partner Market Traction Award winning products 3 rd largest global CRM Provider 1M users, 80,000+ organizations 400+ partners on five continents Fastest Growing 118%+ billings growth Q1 2012 over Q1 2011 > 11 Million downloads 2,500+ New customers in 80 countries Leader Position in CRM for Midmarket - June 2010

18 Value Of SugarCRM Solve your business issues Understand your goals Fit around your processes Help from local partners Invested in your success

19 We Believe in Putting the User First

20 We Believe in an Open Cloud

21 We Believe in an Open Ecosystem IntegrationsSocial CloudMobile SugarCRM Open Ecosystem

22 Flexible Intuitive Open SocialMobile Cloud We Believe in them Because

23 Key Customer Benefits Brings YOU a simplified UI Works the way YOU work Integrates with YOUR environment

24 Key Customer Benefits Access from any device, anywhere Integrates with popular social media and cloud connector framework Freedom of deployment

25 Advanced CRM for small and medium-sized businesses $30/user/mo Advanced CRM for businesses with offline mobile requirements $45/user/mo CRM for the most demanding business $60/user/mo Ultimate CRM solution for the global, mobile, social business $100/user/mo 4 Subscriptions

26 Sugar 6.5 Release End User Benefits Delivering a better user experience Navigation with full text search Updated Calendar with new iCal and Outlook integration Speed and performance improvements Enterprise Benefits Extended Sugar Logic business process capabilities Additional support for IBM software and hardware Platform and architecture enhancements Scalability improvements

27 Solution Components Sales Marketing Support

28 Marketing Automation Campaign management Web to lead capture Email marketing ROI measurement Social media

29 Sales Automation Customize sales stages Team selling Forecasting Products, quotes, contracts Sales process automation

30 Customer Service Automation Support cases Bug tracking Email management Knowledge base Customer self-service portal

31 You Are In Control Global, Mobile, Social Open Cloud Your Data is Yours No vendor lock-in Reporting and Integrations

32 In Summary CRM is about Growing and Retaining Customers Marketing Sales Customer support SugarCRM is CRM Made Simple Sugar fits around your processes Offers suite of business solutions That are flexible, intuitive and open SugarCRM Puts YOU in Control Open cloud Your data is yours No vendor lock in

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