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Convergence – Driving down the Cost of Enterprise IT Christoph Rau BEA Vice President, Central & Eastern Europe October 23, 2003.

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1 Convergence – Driving down the Cost of Enterprise IT Christoph Rau BEA Vice President, Central & Eastern Europe October 23, 2003

2 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 2 BEA CORPORATE OVERVIEW  Leading Application Infrastructure Company  One of ten largest software companies in the world  Over 13,500 blue-chip customers worldwide  Majority of Fortune Global 500 companies rely on BEA  Demonstrated Strength and Stability  $1B in Sales, >$1.3B in cash  22 consecutive quarters of positive cash flow  Global presence  81 offices in 34 countries  Over 3,000 employees  Strategic Industry Influence  More than 2,100 systems integrators, independent software vendors, and application service providers  Driving innovation into standards—J2EE, XML, Web Services

3 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 3 BEA MISSION  Deliver mission-critical application infrastructure for the adaptive enterprise  Lead the convergence of development and integration to enable standards-based, rapid business integration  Innovate around simpler, faster development and deployment to accelerate time-to-value

4 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 4 PERVASIVE IN EVERYDAY LIFE In everyday life… On the road… On the phone… And in the mail… In the wallet…

5 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 5 LEVERAGES LARGE PARTNER ECOSYSTEM More Than 2,100 Partners

6 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 6 TODAY’S BUSINESS CHALLENGES  Increased operational efficiency  Improve productivity from existing systems  Streamline and optimize business procedures  Responsiveness to stakeholders  Create end-to-end visibility into the business  Make the information accessible and actionable  Adaptability to change  Built-in re-use and adaptation, no ‘starting over’  Turn IT into a competitive business asset  While …  Achieving faster time to value …  With no increase in budget or resources …

7 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 7 Today’s Business Realities BUSINESS COMPLEXITY IS INCREASING  Increased customer expectations  Multi-channels ordering, fulfillment  Increased outsourcing, partnering  Extended supply, demand chains  Greater accountability, SLA’s  Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures

8 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 8  … optimize your business processes within and across the enterprise?  … share and synchronize data across business units, and organizations? WHY DO YOU NEED INTEGRATION? To improve… Efficiency Responsiveness Adaptability … create common views of information from many disparate systems? … improve customer, employee and partner visibility and access to actionable information? … use I.T. as a strategic asset to rapidly extend the business to new markets, channels and customers? … adopt a standards-based and service-oriented approach that encourages reuse? What if you could…

9 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 9 BUSINESS INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTEGRATION REQUIREMENTS  Business Process Integration  Streamlined business processes across systems, data, people, partners  Automated control and error handling  Real-time Information Access  Data integration across all different sources for current, aggregated views  Tailored user experience in context of their role, needs  Flexible IT Infrastructure  Greater project-to-project re-use, ROI  Leverage of skillsets, existing systems  Service Oriented Architecture, Standards

10 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 10 BEA IS THE PLATFORM LEADER “By 2007, more than 75% of all application software infrastructure licenses will be sold by application platform suite vendors” (0.8 probability) Application Platform Suite Magic Quadrant Ability to Execute Completeness of Vision Niche PlayersVisionaries IBM Oracle Sun MS Novell PeopleSoft Sybase Fujitsu SAP SeeBeyond Fujitsu Siemens Source: Gartner Research report 5/3/2003 BEA

11 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 11 Application Framework BEA WebLogic Workshop Application Server BEA WebLogic Server User Integration JVM BEA WebLogic JRockit Integrated Development Environment BEA WebLogic Workshop Process Integration Data Integration BEA WebLogic Integration BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic BEA WebLogic Portal A proven foundation to build, integrate and extend business critical applications while experiencing significant improvements in productivity and quality. BEA WEBLOGIC ENTERPRISE PLATFORM

12 ©2003 BEA Systems, Inc. | 12 BEA delivers an open, best-of-breed integration solution, within a proven application infrastructure Rapid Open Integration Only BEA integrates the integration, eliminating unnecessary complexity barriers so that projects generate increasing value to the business …to Value BEA accelerates project cycle times with a simplified and unified design and deployment environment Faster Time… SUMMARY: RAPID BUSINESS INTEGRATION


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