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2 Introduction Your introduction paragraph is the first paragraph for your essay. It is best to start with something general. You want to grab your reader’s attention. Then you want to inform your reader about what you are writing. You want to finish the introduction with the thesis.

3 Follow the ANT format when writing your introduction!
Attention- Getter Necessary Information Thesis

4 Attention-Grabber Your first sentence or two of your introduction should be an attention-getter There are multiple ways to grab your reader’s attention A rhetorical question A relevant quote from an outside source Scenario Fact or Statistic Shocking or Amusing Generalization

5 Necessary Information
Necessary Information includes: -Overview of Topic -Major Points you will be discussing in your paper -Important Background Information

6 Thesis A thesis is a claim or statement of a writer’s position or main point that will be explored throughout the paper. Your last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis.

7 TIQA Your body paragraphs should provide a topic sentence. The rest of the paragraph should provide context for a quote or paraphrase. Then you should provide that example. After you provide that example, you should explain how it supports your thesis statement. DO NOT merely tell your reader what the quote means; this can lead to a summary. You need to analyze!! Each body paragraph in a research paper should have a minimum of two examples for support!!

8 TIQA Introduce Quote Quote Analyze Topic Sentence
Follow the TIQA to write the body paragraphs of your research paper! Topic Sentence Introduce Quote Quote Analyze

9 Topic Sentence Contains the main idea of your paragraph –what your paragraph is about. This part is a claim or is arguable.

10 Introduce Quote Put the quote into context
Before inserting a quote you need to provide a transition.

11 Quote/Concrete Detail
Provide your quote/paraphrase/concrete detail This is the evidence: a fact from your research or an example from your reading that illustrates the claim in your topic sentence You might start this sentence with For example….

12 Analyze/Commentary Explain to the reader the importance of the quote and how it supports your topic sentence. You might start with “In addition…” or “Furthermore…” or “Because of this…”

13 Closing Sentence Make sure each paragraph has a closing sentence.
This should re-state the topic sentence in some form. It is also a transition sentence that finished one idea and transitions to a new one in the next paragraph.

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