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Floor Plans A floor plan is an important tool. From this plan a designer can determine if the structure will meet the needs of the client and organize.

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1 Floor Plans A floor plan is an important tool. From this plan a designer can determine if the structure will meet the needs of the client and organize the interior space.

2 Interior Zones Living/Social Sleeping/Private Service/Work
Living room, Dining room, Family room, Study, Den, Library, Music room, Entry ways, Patios, Porches Sleeping/Private Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Dressing rooms Service/Work Kitchen, Laundry, Utility room, Basement, Garage


4 Ground Level Upper floor

5 Circulation: Also called “Traffic Pattern”: the ability to move through the floor plan from one room to another. KEY= 3-4 feet should be allowed for circulation paths Circulation Principles: Bath located close to bedrooms Indoor living closed to close to outdoor living Related rooms near to each other High use routes should be short and simple Avoid excessive hall space Rooms should not be cut in half by route

6 TRAFFIC LAWS Efficient “Work Triangle” (Small task triangles to save steps and allow tasks to be done quickly and easily.) Easy access to the basement, garage, and storage areas. Laundry in convenient location since many trips are made to this area. Service Entrances: near kitchen and basement stairs. Easy “Guest” circulation: Entry, Living room, dining room, and Powder room.


8 Room Relationships Provide convenience and/or privacy!!!!!!! Rules: Dining room by Living room Dining room by Kitchen Bedrooms by Bathrooms Kitchen by Garage Coat closet by Living Room


10 Typical House Plans Include………
Plot Plan Foundation Plan Floor Plan Exterior Elevations Electrical Plan Construction Details Pictorial Presentation Plans are drawn to scale: ¼’’ = 1 ‘

11 Plot Plan

12 Foundation Plan

13 Floor Plan

14 Exterior Elevation

15 Electrical Plan

16 Construction Details specs, features & pricing PLAN # 17-2133 BASICS
Levels 2 Bedrooms 4 Potential Bedrooms 0 Baths 3 Garage Stalls 2 STYLES Craftsman house plans , European house plans , Traditional house plans DESIGNER NOTES A creative blend of exterior materials gives this home a stunning facade. The generous great room will provide the perfect setting for family gatherings. Preparing and serving meals will be a breeze in this kitchen with adjoining breakfast and dining rooms. A spacious grilling porch also lends outdoor options. The master suite is nestled in the rear of this home on the main level. A trip to the upper floor offers beautiful balcony views of the great room and the foyer, as well as two more bedrooms and a media room option. FEATURES great room/living room loft / balcony covered rear porch kitchen island volume/vaulted ceiling main floor master bed & bath peninsula/eating bar covered front porch storage area split bedrooms walk-in closet media room guest suite nook/breakfast area/dining bonus/play/flex room suited for corner lot den/office/study/computer walk-in pantry/cabinet pantry daylight basement DIMENSIONS Width 57' 4" Depth 55' 10" Height 32' 4" SQUARE FOOTAGE Heated Square Footage 2755 Main Floor 2084 Upper Floor 671 Garage 506 Porch 438 Bonus 454 WALL INFORMATION Exterior Wall Constr 2"x4" ROOF INFORMATION Roof Pitch 12:12 CEILING HEIGHTS Ceiling Main 9 Ceiling Upper 8 FOUNDATIONS Basement Daylight Basement Crawlspace Slab If your foundation preference is not available, please contact us. PRICING Best Plans, Best Price Starting at $665   Plan Sets Price ♦ Reproducible Master (Recommended) $1, ♦ 8 Copy Construction Set $ ♦ 5 Copy Construction Set $ ♦ Additional Construction Sets $50.00 ♦ Single Set** $ ♦ CAD Set $1, Foundation Options ♦ Basement $ ♦ Daylight Basement $ ♦ Crawlspace $0.00 ♦ Slab $0.00 Other Options ♦ Right-reading Reverse Set $ ♦ Materials List $ ♦ Custom Solar Power Design(US Only) See More $ ♦ 2"x6" Framing (Custom Changes) * $ ♦ Ceiling Height Change (Custom Changes) * $ * Reproducible Master or CAD needs to be selected for this option.  A Custom Change Set Up Fee $ and Custom Printing $60.00 will be charged for custom changes. * Time Frame: Custom Changes typically take 3-5 weeks to complete and then are shipped directly to you. ** For obtaining bids only. Stamped "Not for Construction". A contractor cannot legally build from plans marked this way. You will receive 90% rebate of Single Set price towards a Construction Set. Plan Content Foundation Plan - (1/4" or 1/2" = 1') Most plans are available with a slab or crawlspace foundation: Optional walkout style basement (three walls masonry with a wood framed rear wall with notes for the builder to locate the windows and doors) and optional full basement foundation available if the plan allows, at an additional cost. Floor Plans (1/4"= 1') Each home plan includes the floor plan showing the dimensioned locations of walls, doors, and windows as well as a schematic electrical layout. Set of Elevations (1/4"= 1') All plans include the exterior elevations (front, rear, right and left) that show and describe the finished materials of the house. Building Sections (1/4" or 1/2" = 1') The building sections are vertical cuts through the house and the stairs showing floor, ceiling and roof height information. Kitchen and Bath Elevations (1/2" = 1') The kitchen and bath elevations show the arrangement and size of each cabinet and other fixtures in the room. These drawings give basic information that can be used to create customized layouts with a cabinet manufacturer Miscellaneous Details (3/4" = 1') These are included for many interior and exterior conditions that require more specific information for their construction. Roof Overview Plan (1/4" = 1') This is a "bird's eye" view showing the roof slopes, ridges, valleys and any saddles Construction Details

17 Pictorial Presentation

18 Blue Print Symbols Symbols commonly used to represent the elements and objects in a blueprint or floor plan . Creates a common language for the architect, designer, and client. Helps visually organize the space.

19 Basic Blue Print Symbols

20 Electrical Symbols

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