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Staff Wellness: How to get Involved Stacey Sills, Health Consultant and Wellness Coordinator, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District.

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1 Staff Wellness: How to get Involved Stacey Sills, Health Consultant and Wellness Coordinator, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District


3 Source: School Employee Wellness – a guide for protecting the assets of our nation’s schools Why Employee Wellness in Schools? 6.7 million employees nationwide work for our schools Critical workforce charged with preparing our youth to become successful and productive citizens Healthy employees are integral to protecting the health of students and ensuring their academic success Increased productivity Decreased absenteeism Increased retention & higher morale Serve as healthy role models Healthy School Employees

4 An Employee Wellness Program is a planned, organized and coordinated set of programs, policies, benefits, systems and environmental supports designed to meet the health and safety needs of all employees What is an Employee Wellness Program ?

5 Getting Started…. Celebrate Success Select a Leader Set goals Understand needs / wants 5 Communication


7 Reaching Staffs’ Needs and Wants 7 in 10 employees think wellness programs are effective but only 3 in 10 employees actually participate in wellness programs. Source: Guardian, Spotlight on Group Medical, 2008

8 We get “stuck” in our ways sometimes - – Most problems are easy to solve. – Just get off the escalator

9 What are potential barriers to a successful wellness program?

10 Launch Efforts Create Sustainable Change Communicate and promote your wellness activities to staff members Implement wellness challenges to engage staff and increase participation in wellness activities Build your efforts by implementing policies and environmental changes that support healthy behaviors for school staff and teachers

11 Staff Health Assessments Online Self Assessments Conducted by School Nurses Health Department Services Local Hospital District Insurance Provider (onsite or online)

12 Health Assessment & Interest Survey Conduct an interest survey and a health assessment at your school to understand what matters to your colleagues Action Step: Conduct an interest survey and a health assessment at your school

13 Describe Offerings

14 Interests, Needs and Wants Get employees excited about wellness offerings Build ownership Provide information for the design of the program Help defuse resistance Educational value for respondents Provide information which can be used to evaluate impact of program 2 weeks 25%Bonus

15 Involve Others Work to get support from school leadership and other staff members – Develop a plan and set goals with your wellness committee to focus on getting started. Consider wellness opportunities – that encourage healthy eating and promote physical activity – that incorporate role modeling

16 What does “modeling healthy behaviors” look like?

17 Support Student Wellness by modeling healthy behaviors Lead physical activity breaks Walk or bike to school Consume healthy food / beverages Drink water! Eat in the cafeteria Other ideas? 17

18 “Go to the gym,” they said. “It’ll be easy,” they said. What it’s like to be out of Shape at the Gym: You need to make your program “approachable.” Staff Buy-In –Just Do It -

19 “Let’s Get Physical”

20 Here’s some ideas to get you started Start a walking group Start a salad club with your co-workers Lead a short exercise break Transform unused space into a break room Offer healthy food and beverages at your staff meetings


22 Healthy Eating - Weight Management Salad Clubs Healthy cooking demonstrations Healthy recipe swap Daily/weekly nutrition tips Promotion of local farmers markets Provide weight loss tools Educational materials – Pay attention to portions Pay attention to portions – Fight food addiction Fight food addiction – End emotional eating End emotional eating

23 Sprucing Up Staff Break Rooms in Schools Space to relax and regroup during the school day Ideal place for socializing and building community A way to show hardworking school staff that they are valued and appreciated Healthy & fulfilled school staff are able to perform at their best and have fewer sick days, which directly benefits students. Why are break rooms essential to school wellness?

24 Healthy Staff Meetings Switch Up Your… Staff Meetings, Staff Events/ Parties and Professional Development Trainings

25 Communication is Key Successful Newsletter –Avoid long articles –Include actions to take or where to go for more info –Include personal/inspirational stories from other staff members –Include something for everyone –Quotes from other staff members –Make it fun and engaging Photos!! Different articles that will capture audience.

26 Communication is Key

27 Newsletter

28 Awareness – Best Practices Staff Interest Surveys Health Risk Assessments Employee Health Fairs and risk seminars Announcements, posters, newsletters, “fitness library” –Share health and wellness information Lunch n’ Learns Website – house a calendar for events, gym discounts, fitness apps, etc. – ces/employeewellness/ ces/employeewellness/ Social Media –





33 Social Media

34 Get Started with a Facebook Group Create a Facebook group Invite team members Use all posting types to talk with your team –Updates –Pictures/videos –Take polls –Create events –Cheer each other on


36 Challenges and Incentives

37 Wellness Challenges Fruits and Vegetable Challenge Workplace Wellness Challenges – Fun, Effective, and Free!Workplace Wellness Challenges – Fun, Effective, and Free! OAISD Challenges - Traverse City Step Challenge, Step Poker Challenge, 30 Day Walking Challenge, 12 Week Walking Challenge, Tri-athalon Challenge, Walk to Gulf Shores, H20 Challenge, Waist Management

38 What incentives work? Leave early from work Pedometer, fitness club passes Gift card (Subway, farmer’s market, massage, etc.) Water bottles, sweat bands, towels Money Cut in health care costs Discount for gym membership Jeans Day

39 Top 5 Environmental Changes Fifth Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study: An Optum Research Update, Beena Thomas, MPH 2014



42 1.Based on where your school is right now, what is the next step for your staff wellness program? 2.Think about one step you can take, when you leave here today, to promote staff wellness activities at your school? Will you: Offer a health assessment Distribute a staff interest survey Implement a fitness program Distribute a monthly newsletter Make an environmental change to your staff break room Create a policy that will sustain employee wellness at your school


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