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2 Peer Tutor Services Peer Tutor Qualifications:  75% average in subjects tutored  Overall average of 75%  Ability to tutor several subjects  Ability to work required number of hours  Work study eligibility (to be determined)  Must be currently registered as a full time student  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills  Genuine interest in helping fellow students  Excellent time management skills  Reliable and dependable

3 Peer Tutor Services Peer Tutor Opportunities  Tutors may work up to 10 hours per week. In some cases, tutors are asked to work up to 15 hours per week depending on course demand. Hours are not guaranteed  Tutors are able to choose their own schedule of availability  Some programs have a higher demand for tutoring than others, i.e. programs with a math component  Number of tutors hired for each program will depend on demand  Tutors are required to attend orientation and training  Wage is $10.25 per hour plus 4% vacation pay

4 Peer Tutor Services Peer Tutor Duties  Tutoring MUST be done on campus  Tutoring takes place Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Tutors must submit a schedule of availability they can commit to  Peer Tutor Schedules are posted on Mocomotion under the Student Tab in Student Success and Learning  It is the TUTOR’S RESPONSIBIILTY to check their schedule.  Advise of any changes to schedule one week in advance  Tutors must meet attendance requirements:  ALWAYS SHOW UP AND ON TIME!  Missing tutoring sessions and/or being late for appointments will jeopardize your employment as a Peer Tutor  Breach of employment requirements process  Step 1: Warning  Step 2: Termination of Contract

5 Peer Tutor Services Peer Tutor Duties (Continued)  A professional relationship must be maintained at all times between tutor and tutee  Display a caring, positive attitude to support an effective learning environment  Discuss any difficult situations with the Peer Tutor Services Assistant and/or the Coordinator of Student Success  Participate in any Peer Tutor Services administrative requirements such as evaluations, paperwork, orientation and training  Be proficient and knowledgeable in the subject area in which you are tutoring  Be clear about any limits in your knowledge of the subject

6 Peer Tutor Services Booking Process: One-to-One Appointments  Students can receive assistance in 2 subjects per week, 1 hour per subject  If more time is request by a tutee, this is determined through consultation between the tutee and Peer Tutor Program Assistant  Appointments are booked one week in advance  Appointments must be booked every week  Booking Times @ Fennell Campus  Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Friday – 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Locations:  Fennell Campus: Peer Tutor Centre, 2 nd Fl. Library  Brantford Campus: Student Life Office, Room B101  IAHS: Student Life Office, Room 105  STARRT: Student Life Office, Room A121

7 Peer Tutor Services Rescheduling of Appointments  Tutors must call the Peer Tutor Program Assistant when ill  Tutors are responsible for rescheduling their missed appointment within the same week  Tutors must contact the booking desk with the rescheduled appointment date and time Cancellations by Tutee  With 24 hours Notice (at least day before)  Tutor will be e-mailed to advise  Tutor does not get paid for scheduled appointment  Without 24 hours Notice (same day)  Tutor will be advised  Tutor gets paid for scheduled appt.

8 Peer Tutor Services Tutee No-Show  Tutor must wait 15 minutes for tutee  Advise booking clerk that tutee did not show up  Tutor gets paid for scheduled appointment Tutor No-Show  Tutee must wait 15 minutes for tutor  Tutor must explain to Peer Tutor Program Assistant reason for absence  It is the tutor’s responsibility to reschedule the appointment for the same week  Tutor must contact the booking desk with the rescheduled appointment date and time  Tutor no-shows will jeopardize position and may affect employment record at Mohawk College

9 Peer Tutor Services Block Booking  Appointments may be booked in three week blocks through referral only  Progress is evaluated at the end of each three week block and further blocks of appointments may be booked Drop-In Tutoring  Available in CSAIT Labs and Business Labs at Fennell Campus  Available for targeted courses

10 Peer Tutor Services Payroll  Timesheets must be submitted every two weeks – schedule of timesheet due dates will be provided  Failure to submit timesheets on time can result in not being paid  Timesheets are reconciled with schedule  Direct deposit is mandatory Reference  A reference letter will be given, upon request, to tutors who have successfully completed the peer tutor guidelines

11 Peer Tutor Services Training  Mandatory in-class training sessions will be conducted early May, August, or January (pending date of application)  Mandatory on-line training modules*:  Modules 1, 2, 5, 7, 10,11 (3.0 hours pay)  Policies  Introduction to Tutoring  Tutoring Students with Disabilities  Connecting to College Services (need ON TRAK to complete)  ESL  Study Skill Tips * Mocomotion Student Tab/Student Success & Learning/Peer Tutoring/Current Tutors/Training Modules

12 Peer Tutor Services Required Forms  Application form  Work study budget form  Faculty recommendation  except if recommended through promotion meetings  Schedule of availability – upon hire  Direct deposit form – upon hire

13 To book an interview, please contact: The Peer Tutor Centre 905.575.1212 x 3279 or 3939


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