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AIMS Orientation Session AETD Advanced Degree Program (ADP)

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1 AIMS Orientation Session AETD Advanced Degree Program (ADP)
GSFC Academic Investment for Mission Success (AIMS) Program Applied Engineering & Technology Directorate (AETD) Advanced Degree Program (ADP) AIMS Orientation Session For AETD Advanced Degree Program (ADP) December 2009


3 Program Objectives To provide a vehicle for AETD’s engineering workforce to complete advanced degrees in order to be more effective in contributing to NASA GSFC’s mission commitments. To provide developmental opportunities to encourage professional and personal achievement and enhancement. To enhance the GSFC workforce to meet new challenges.

4 Program Benefits Provides funding to pursue academic studies (including tuition, course-related fees, and book costs). Allows up to 8 hours off per week, with supervisory approval, to attend classes, do homework, study, etc. No need to reapply each year as long as the program requirements are met.

5 Program Requirements - IDP
Complete your IDP in SATERN by February 12, 2010. It is mandatory that you complete an IDP in SATERN that includes each approved academic course. You must link the competency(ies) you are developing for each course you have been approved to take. Three AIMS IDP workshops have been scheduled to assist you with your IDP on January 6th 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., and January 7th 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. in Building 1, Room Contact Jamet Jacobs with date selection. You must your completed IDP to the AIMS Program Manager by February 12, 2010.

6 Program Requirements - GPA
Every semester, you must remain in good academic standing with your university and make steady progress in your academic studies maintaining on overall GPA of 3.0 or better. Failure to meet the minimum GPA requirement will result in a probation period of one term during which you must recover to a 3.0 GPA in order to be allowed to continue taking courses. If the GPA is not restored to a 3.0, then you will be terminated from the program at the completion of any on-going courses. You will then be in a probation period of at least 1 full year before a new participant application can be submitted with a plan to acquire good academic standing and successfully earn the degree.

7 Program Requirements You must maintain a minimum performance rating of “Fully Successful” If you do not meet the annual performance rating requirement will be terminated from the program. You will then be in a probation period of a least 1 full performance cycle before a new participation application can be submitted and considered. Agree on a work and school schedule with your supervisor prior to the start of each semester.

8 Program Requirements Seek approval from the AIMS Program Manager before changing schools; adding, dropping, withdrawing, or substituting courses; and/or to taking an incomplete for a course. Complete AIMS Modification Request Form. You must remain in communication with your immediate supervisor, the AETD ADP Program Liaison, and the AIMS Program Manager to ensure they are made aware of such actions A request for leave of absence from the Program must be sent to the AIMS Program Manager, routed through your supervisor, Division, and the AETD ADP Program Liaison.

9 Program Requirements You are expected to successfully complete your degree requirements within a 4-year period unless a request for leave of absence has been reviewed and approved through AETD management and the AIMS Program Manager. Upon completion of each course, submit grade reports to Jamet Jacobs, Code 114. Charge your time-off to your normal work charge number while attending classes, doing homework, studying, etc.

10 Program Requirements – Continued Service Agreements
You are required to sign a 2-year Continued Service Agreement with NASA which will begin after completion of the degree. For participants that enter the program via recruitment tool, a 4-year obligated service Agreement will begin after completion of the degree If continued service requirement is not met, you must reimburse NASA all course-related fees (tuition, institution fees, books, and other related degree fees that were paid by NASA).

11 Covered Expenses What is covered under the Advanced Degree Program:
Tuition Required Books Required Software Required Course Related Materials Registration Fees Library Fees Student Service Fees Student Activity Fees Application Fee Graduation Fee Laboratory Fees Technology Fees Other Mandatory Fees

12 Expenses Not Covered What is NOT covered by the AIMS Advanced Degree Program: Computer Routine School Supplies Audited Classes Recommended Textbooks (versus required) Food, paraphernalia, etc. Transportation expenses* *In regards to transportation expenses, those costs will not be covered out of AIMS budget. However, as they deem appropriate, AETD Divisions may provide local travel reimbursement to participants out of their annual travel budget for all travel expenses associated with participation in the program.

13 Registering for Courses
Submit one SF-182 through SATERN ( for each academic course that has been approved at least 30 days prior to the start of the class. Be sure to enter in the comments field on the SF-182: “AIMS AETD Advanced Degree ” “Required books are reimbursed thru GSFC AIMS Program Funds”. (Note: Book reimbursement is submitted via a SF-1164).

14 Registering for Courses
The SATERN system will route your request(s) electronically to your Supervisor and Directorate Training Coordinator and then Jamet Jacobs, Code 114, for processing. Note: When first logging in, please verify your approving official. You will receive approval s as your SF-182 progresses in SATERN. You are responsible for monitoring the progress of your SF-182 in SATERN.

15 Registering for Courses
The NSSC will send you a purchase order via once your SF-182 has been approved. The will include details on how to print your purchase order(s). You must log into SATERN and print each approved course request (purchase order). If you don’t receive an from NSSC within 14 days, please check SATERN for the status of your request or contact the NSSC at NSSC123. You must provide a copy of your approved SF-182 to the academic institution when registering for courses. Again, courses must be approved prior to the start of class.

16 Book Purchase Procedures
After receiving the approved SF-182, you should purchase your textbooks and apply for reimbursement, using the form SF-1164: Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business. Note: After you purchase your books, you should submit your book reimbursement within 30 days. Mail or hand carry your completed SF-1164, along with a copy of your receipt(s) and a copy of your SF-182 to Jamet Jacobs, Code 114, Bldg. 1, Room E100A. Book reimbursement are reviewed and approved by the AIMS Program Manager and then submitted to the NSSC for reimbursement via direct deposit to the participant’s banking institution. Please maintain a copy of book reimbursements for your records.

17 Submitting Grades Submit a grade report to Jamet Jacobs, Code 114.
NOTE: Failure to submit grade reports at the end of each semester, will result in you reimbursing GSFC for the costs of your academic courses. You should submit your grades within 30 days of completing the course. You will be responsible for reimbursing GSFC for : Courses in which a final grade is less than a B; Unapproved changes in course status; Exceeding approved funding amount.

18 Program Points of Contact
AIMS Program Manager Janice Gelder, x6-4854, Program Assistant General Program questions: Marisa Jackson, x6-5458, AIMS AETD Advanced Degree Program Liaison Sandy Hare, x6-6808 Processing Assistant Training Request & Book Reimbursements Jamet Jacobs, x6-3061

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