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2 Prepare Understand the accommodation process & choose level of engagement. Engage Follow procedures for receiving accommodations & work with DS Counselors to determine useful and appropriate services. Commit Take responsibility for initiating services each term & continue to use services and accommodations effectively. After completing this orientation, students will know how to:

3 » DS Contact Information » How to Schedule Appointments » DS Student Checklist » Brochures and Handouts » Copies of PowerPoint Presentation slides ˃Available upon request Prepare

4 Disability Services at Portland Community College works to ensure students who experience disability have an equal opportunity to participate in educational and co-curricular offerings. We do this by: » Facilitating the Accommodation Process through an individualized student-centered approach » Promoting Best Practices through collaboration and engagement within the community Prepare

5 Disability Services Counselors Coordinators Accessibility Aides Administrative Assistants SpecialistsDirector Prepare

6 » Services Include: ˃Determining academic accommodations ˃Disability-related counseling ˃Self advocacy skills ˃Academic success skills ˃Consultation and referrals » Working with Disability Services ˃Student Choice ˃Consistency is Best ˃Typically meet at primary campus Prepare

7 » Software ˃ » Equipment ˃General AT loaned through the Library ˃Specialized AT loaned through DS » Training ˃Provided for all PCC students who want to learn more about Tools and Techniques » Consultation & Referrals Prepare

8 » Provide equal access and opportunity in the academic environment » Are available to students who are working with PCC Disability Services » Documentation of disability is required to obtain academic accommodations. Prepare

9 » Examples ˃Testing  extra time, separate room, etc… ˃Classroom  notetaking options, preferential seating » Intent > Accommodations provide access without:  creating a substantial change in the curriculum  altering essential elements or functions of a course/program Engage

10 ESTABLISH ELIGIBILITY Students: » Initiate contact with Disability Services. » Provide evidence of disability before receiving accommodations. Counselors & Accessibility Specialists: » Determine eligibility for accommodations by evaluating each student’s needs on an individual basis. EACH TERM 1.Request accommodations from Disability Services. 2.Obtain Faculty Notification Letter. 3.Communicate accommodation needs to each instructor. 4.Follow accommodation procedures and timelines. Engage Commit

11 » Documentation: three potential sources: ˃Student’s self-report ˃Recommendations of qualified professionals familiar with the student ˃Documentation from outside sources such as:  Professional diagnosis  Observations by educators  Documentation noting past use of services » Documentation must: ˃Provide substantial, clear and convincing evidence that supports the need for academic accommodations ˃Be current and specific ˃Indicate how disability impacts student » If disability fluctuates or is progressive, updated documentation may be required. Engage

12 » Approved Academic Accommodations (AAA) » Informs instructors of accommodations. » Review and request each term. » Forms are customized for each class. » Review with each instructor to request accommodations specific to the class. » Accommodations are not retroactive. Commit

13 » Accommodation Management System » Using AIM, students can: ˃Create their own AAAs each term ˃Send email copies of their AAAs to each of their instructors ˃View and print their AAAs for each course ˃Request, schedule and track the status of accommodations Commit

14 » A DS Staff Member can help you set up an AIM account and show you how to use the system. » Finding the AIM login page: 1.Go to the PCC Disability Services (DS) main page. 2.Click on the big green button: 3.You should be taken directly to the AIM login page. Commit

15 » For help learning and using AIM: ˃Online video tutorials: Click the arrow button on the DS main page ( to go to our You Tube » Open lab hours: ˃Accessibility Aides will be available to assist students with using AIM during scheduled weekly lab times. ˃The schedule for AIM labs offered on each campus is posted on the Disability Services website. Commit

16 » Get started with DS online at ˃ click on the big blue button » Releases of Information ˃Complete if you want DS to help you obtain your existing documentation. ˃OHSU and Kaiser have their own forms, please ask the presenter if you need one. Prepare. Engage. Commit.

17  Get Started with DS  Provide documentation.  DS staff will contact you to schedule an initial appointment when documentation is received.  Individual accommodation needs will be addressed during the initial appointment. Prepare Engage Commit

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