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ECommerce Project. The Team Project Sponsors: –Shelagh Holm, Director of Administrative Information Systems –Ron Ritter, Assoc Director and Treasurer,

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1 eCommerce Project

2 The Team Project Sponsors: –Shelagh Holm, Director of Administrative Information Systems –Ron Ritter, Assoc Director and Treasurer, Financial Services Team Lead: –Stuart McFarlane, I.T. Manager, Financial Services Development Company: –Bits in Glass Hosting Company –IBM

3 What is eCommerce? Commerce is the sale or purchase of goods and services. eCommerce is commerce that is transacted electronically for example, over a website.

4 Why eCommerce? Lower transaction costs - if an eCommerce site is implemented well, the web can significantly lower both order-taking costs up front and customer service costs after the sale by automating processes. Integration with business applications - A Web site that is well-integrated with business applications can offer customers more information than previously available. For example, real time account balances. Improved customer interactions - With automated tools it is possible to interact with a customer in richer ways at virtually no cost. For example, the customer might get an email when the order is confirmed and after the order arrives. Improved customer service helps promote the universities vision to be "indisputably recognized... nationally and internationally, as one of Canada's finest universities, and amongst a handful of the world's best."

5 Background Financial Services manages a secure web based eCommerce system that handles credit card transactions for student fee payments. Integrated with Moneris - credit card clearing house for Bank of Montreal and the Royal Bank of Canada. Improved Service - Students that once lined up for hours now could pay through the Internet. Been in effect for the last 3 years and is now handling over $60 Million dollars on an annual basis. Currently hosted by the Office of the Registrar. Development by an independent consulting firm, Bits in Glass.

6 Proposal to Expand There are several campus applications that either accept credit card payments through the web or that have plans to collect credit card payments through the web. Financial Services had received a number of queries and was asked to report to the Funding Solutions Task Force about the practicality of extending their application to provide web payment services for other applications. During the summer of 2004 the proposal was approved.

7 Current Status Financial Services has been working very closely with Bits in Glass on the first phases of the project, which include: –System enhancements to ensure that the system passes the new audit requirements –Changing system to accommodate multiple integration points with many campus applications –Migration of the application to the new service provider - IBM. To enhance the supportability of the application, some of the code is being ported or migrated to the newer versions of software that are compatible with our PeopleSoft systems. (Weblogic, Crystal Reports)

8 Reasons For Centralizing eCommerce Security – We can ensure that everyone meets the credit card audit requirements. Reduced audit costs – Starting spring of 2005 anyone conducting commerce on the internet must complete a yearly audit. Audits start at $2500 Canadian. Economies of Scale – by building it once centrally each area doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Automation - automatically move funds to the correct speed code and account on a daily basis. Common reports – makes for easier reconciliation. AMEX – will now be rolled out at low discount rate.

9 Basic Flow Diagram

10 Conference App (Online Store) The ability to setup conferences or online stores in a simple and quick method. The ability to update products and prices in a product catalog. Date activated pricing - for example, early bird price VS regular price. Different products can be linked to different speedcodes and accounts.

11 Timelines Financial Services upgrade and migration to IBM to be complete by March 1 st 2005. Housing and Food to go live April 7 th 2005 Faculty of Extension to go live May 7th 2005 Conference services to be available May/June 2005 Open to the rest of Campus June 2005

12 Pricing Cost per transaction of 80 cents. Transaction cost to be reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis Conference services (Online store) setup cost $300 The usual credit card discount rates apply – same as point of sale terminals. (Visa, MC Amex) Additional cost for any new development required by a department Cost per Transaction Structure Annual Software Support Costs $ 7,200 Annual IBM Hosting Costs 12,300 Annual Audit Costs 2,500 Estimated Annual Upgrade Costs 5,000 Total Annual Recoverable Costs $ 27,000 Housing & Food Service Volume 5,000 Parking Services Volume 5,000 Faculty of Extension Volume 10,000 Facilities Management Volume 2,000 One Card Office Volume 5,000 Development Office Volume 5,000 Conferences and Others 3,000 Total Estimated Annual Volume 35,000 Estimated Transaction Fee $ 0.77 Proposed Transaction Fee $ 0.80

13 Questions? Stuart McFarlane 492-3000 x2233 Shelagh Hohm 492-9309 Ron Ritter 492-3000 x2268

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