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XO Limited Telephone Banking Interactive Voice Response.

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1 XO Limited Telephone Banking Interactive Voice Response

2 XO Limited Telephone Banking is the latest addition to XOs account management features. Its able to provide real-time information and services to customers 24hours a day on their telephones. A well-designed telephone banking service can reduce calls to live agents by 50 percent or more, give customers faster response, and save live call center agents for complex tasks.

3 XO Limited Phone Banking A business enabling functionality Customer access to enable account enquiries, transfers and bill payments Reduce customer care and call center costs Improve customer as well as exchange productivity via managed flow of information Increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction Real time, on-demand account information Secure financial transactions anytime, anyplace; 24 x 7 Mobile Phone (WAP and SMS) Banking Script / Voucher Purchases Buy and Sell Online Online Banking Electronic Commerce at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) Interactive Voice Response System (Telephone Banking) XO Software System Pay Any One

4 XO Limited Why Implement Telephone Banking? Clear opportunity in the barter industry Proven success in banking industry and financial services It is almost expected by members of a trade exchange!

5 XO Limited What makes XO Phone Banking unique? NO PAPERWORK TRANSACTION PROCESSING – AN INDUSTRY FIRST ! Pay anyone in the world-wide barter network over the phone, without the assistance of an operator or a physical cheque Automated currency conversion All performed via self-service XO Software System

6 XO Limited Current Features Real-time Funds Transfer to another account Debit another members account Check current Barter Balance Check current Cash Fees + Pay by Credit Card Email website login details and change PIN Listen to current exchange rates Multiple languages Security Systems in place Up to 240 incoming calls Local + toll free telephone numbers

7 For questions please contact: XO Limited Mobile: +91 9898896373 Office: +91 79 26872197 QUESTIONS ?

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