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Adolescence in Our Society

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1 Adolescence in Our Society

2 Adolescence- period between normal onset of puberty and beginning of adulthood. Usually from about Puberty- physical maturing that makes an individual capable of sexual reproduction Adolescence as a distinct life stage is the creation of modern industrial society and is a relatively recent concept. In many preindustrial societies, young people go directly from childhood to adulthood after taking part in puberty rites. Examples: Demonstrations of strength or endurance Filing of teeth Tattooing or scarring of skin What is Adolescence?

3 How Adolescence is Defined as a Separate Group:
Prior to 1860s Adolescence did not exist as a separate life stage; children treated as small adults Education Courts Work Children stay in school longer; extended period of dependence Juvenile-justice system legally distinguished between youth and adults Laws restricted child labor, also increasing length of dependency Effect Development of adolescence as a distinct life stage between childhood and adulthood

4 Characteristics of adolescence
Biological Growth and Development Undefined Status Increased Decision Making Increased Pressure The Search for Self Characteristics of adolescence

5 Biological Growth and Development
Puberty is universal because it is biological Marked by: Growth in weight and height Development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics Complexion problems If behind or ahead others physically it can often times lead to anxiety or embarrassment Biological Growth and Development

6 Undefined Status Expectations for adolescents can be vague
Example: different ages for driving, marriage, voting, smoking, and alcohol consumption Some treat teens as adults, some as children Undefined Status

7 Increased Decision Making
When children reach adulthood they must make many of their own decisions Examples: What courses should I take? What sports should I play? Will I go to college? If so, where? Increased Decision Making

8 Adolescents are faced with pressure from many different sources
Examples: Find the balance between parental wishes and peer pressures Pressures from school: attending class, completing assignments, participating, etc. Establishing relationships Job-related pressures One of the greatest pressures: peer pressure Increased Pressure

9 The Search for Self Adolescents must decide what is really important
Sort through norms Establish personal norms Set priorities Anticipatory socialization- learning the rights, obligations, and expectations of a role to prepare for assuming that role in the future Examples: dating, part-time job, club membership The Search for Self

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