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Using Wireless Laptops August Academy August 2, 2007 Kerry George.

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1 Using Wireless Laptops August Academy August 2, 2007 Kerry George

2 Objectives How it all works How to deal with technical issues Helpful hints – What I learned by experience What can be done with them What are the risks

3 How Do They Work? Work like being at computer wired to network Like having computer lab in classroom Can have each student on computer Can log in to network just like desktop Search internet Administer tests Teach how to use WebCT, e-mail Demonstrate searching

4 Keeping Computers Charged Charging of computers Keep cart is plugged in Keep cart switch in correct position Keep computers plugged in when not in use Do not use outlet for printer or wireless Charge will last 2 – 2 ½ hours Plug laptop in if needed longer than this Assure laptops are connected to charger when returned

5 Delays In Starting Time needed to turn on when computer is shut down Shorter time if user logs off rather than shutting down Last user did not log off computer and it is locked Computer is still running with last user logged onto it

6 Quickest Start-up Last user logged off – seconds to log on screen Last user shut down – minutes to log on screen Last user did not log off – need to log person off computer Can be quicker than shut down

7 Logging Off User Alt-Ctrl-Del – Lists user and asks for password Replace name with yours and your password Will bring up Windows Message “This will log off the current user. Any unsaved work will be lost.” Click OK Logs person off – Alt-Ctrl-Del to log in screen

8 Touchpad Input device used on these computers Slide finger to move cursor Touching is like mouse button click Also two sets of mouse buttons Takes some practice – use computer before high stakes use Alternative is blue button between G, H and B keys Moving it will move cursor in same direction

9 Input Devices Students can use mouse of they bring one Must connect through USB port Practice will improve accuracy and comfort with built-in devices

10 What I Have Learned So Far Best to have students assigned a computer Best to log off rather than shut down Students need practice with input and output Students are not as computer savvy as we may be led to believe Make students use the laptops to become comfortable

11 What I Have Learned So Far Technology is most likely to fail when you need it the most Be flexible and adaptable It is helpful to walk around when students are using the laptops Students may not ask for assistance when needed Never assume computers are connected and charging

12 What I Have Learned So Far Most students like to use the laptops once they become accustomed to them Have someone as a support to you with technical issues Have 7300 on speed dial

13 What Can You Do Teach students to use technology Read their e-mail Use WebCT Search beyond Google Take tests Check documentation Complete surveys Your Ideas

14 Search A Site Go to Kerry George’s web site on DMACC server By DMACC Home Page By URL ( By search engine (difficult in this case) Find link to August Academy Find link to Web Site Assignment

15 Search A Site What are the benefits of membership in the AARC? Identify the location of the International Congress in December Explain how to register for the Congress on-line Who is Dr. Tom (Not former Iowa and Drake basketball coach) Who was president of the AARC in 1997 What do you find interesting here

16 Take A Test Can be used for proctored WebCT tests Can be used for Internet delivered tests Return to August Academy page Select LXRTest Log in with your e-mail address Password is laptop Do not worry about questions and answers as you are not being tested Submit a comment to instructor Click on cover to finish test

17 View This Presentation Return to August Academy Site Select PowerPoint presentation View a show of the slides shown tonight Learn how to print the slides

18 Other Uses Clinical Record Keeping Student surveys Instructor and clinical site feedback Your Ideas

19 Risks Students will Surf outside assignment – may be better Do their e-mail Play games Become used to using the computers Teach each other and share skills and knowledge Learn

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