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Wireless Laptop Computers. Wireless laptop computer.

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1 Wireless Laptop Computers

2 Wireless laptop computer

3 Floppy Drive (Drive A:)

4 CD ROM Drive (Drive D:)

5 Latch to open and close computer

6 Open laptop

7 Laptop screen replaces the monitor DO NOT EVER TOUCH THE SCREEN WITH ANYTHING!!

8 Keyboardsame as keyboard on regular computer

9 Controls replace the mouse Touch pad moves the cursor and acts as Enter key Clickerjust like clicker on the mouse (left) Scroll button allows movement up, down, right, left Clicker-- right

10 Power buttonused only to turn computer ON Never use this button to turn the laptop off!!!

11 Desktop screen

12 Cursorpointer Think about it as if it is the end of your finger.

13 Log on window Just click on the OK button

14 Now that you are logged on, you can work with a program, type, or go onto the Internetwhatever your teacher wants you to do.

15 Shut down icon After you finish working with the computer, just leave it alone. Your teacher or another adult will shut it down properly.

16 Final shut down OK

17 The End!!

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