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Ap Literature 8/20.

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1 Ap Literature 8/20

2 Agenda Reading Quiz over Prohibition, Gatsby’s Guide to Manhood, and Harlem in the Jazz Age. Whole class discussion over Gatsby 4-6 – Look back at discussion notes from yesterday’s activities. Chapters 7 & 8: Important Quotation Explanation Homework: Study vocabulary & re-read chapter 9 in Gatsby

3 Reading Quiz Since Gatsby’s career is a mystery, as are his connections, would you say his associates were involved with illegal activity or legal activity? Explain using examples from the novel. Do you believe prohibition was something that helped society (made for a healthier society) or do you believe ending prohibition was a better option? Explain you reasoning. Do you think Gatsby could have been that great American pioneer, or do you agree with the author of the second article that he “never matures, endlessly enchanted by his dreams, relentless in his attempts – guided by “general resolves”-”? Explain using specific examples from the novel.

4 Reading QUiz In your own words, why do you think Fitzgerald uses Dan Cody as a reference to western heroes, especially since he makes him Gatsby’s benefactor? Are there any scenes in this novel that represent Zora Neale Hurston’s term “negrotarian”? Please explain. During the Harlem Renaissance, there was much debate on what truly represented the African-American culture within the African-American community. Do you see this as something that hindered the community, or do you believe it helped define the culture in a positive light? Explain.

5 Chapter 4 The introductory section of Chapter 4 gives a long roster of those who attended Gatsby’s parties. What groups of people were in attendance? How do they behave toward their host? Why, then, do they accept his hospitality? Describe Gatsby’s car. Discuss the details that Gatsby shares with Nick about his past. Does Nick believe Gatsby’s story? Why or why not?

6 Chapter 4 Who is Meyer Wolfsheim? What seems to be his connection with Gatsby? Jordan Baker tells Nick about Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom. Summarize the story. Explain the epigraph on the title page of the novel (“it’s the quote”). What does it reveal about Gatsby and his love for Daisy? Do we know why Gatsby has so many parties? Why did he buy the house? Explain. When Gatsby spoke to Jordan in his library in Chapter 3, he had devised a plan involving Nick. What was it? Why did he not ask Nick directly?

7 Chapter 5 1. Gatsby’s actions in preparing for Daisy’s arrival seem both flamboyant and absurd. What does he do? Why? 2. Discuss Gatsby’s actions once Daisy arrives. How do we know he is nervous? How does he try to impress her? 3. Toward the end of the chapter, Nick attempts to explain “the expression of bewilderment that had come back into Gatsby’s face.”

8 Chapter 5 4. What explanation does Nick give? Why, in his opinion, is Daisy not at fault? 5. Describe Daisy’s reactions during the course of her meeting with Gatsby. 6. Has Nick been affected by the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy? In what way?

9 Chapter 6 What was Gatsby’s real name? Why and when had he changed it?
In what way was Dan Cody involved in Gatsby’s destiny? Why does Tom attend Gatsby’s party? How does this scene reveal the contrast between Gatsby and Tom? What is deeply ironic in Tom’s statement, “…I may be old- fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me”?

10 Chapter 6 Note the reactions of Tom and Daisy at different times during Gatsby’s part. Did they enjoy themselves? Explain. What suspicions does Tom have about Gatsby? What does he vow to do? What do Nick and Gatsby talk about after the party? What is Gatsby expecting of Daisy that prompts Nick to warn him, “I wouldn’t ask too much of her… You can’t repeat the past”?

11 Chapters 7 & 8 Choose a significant quote from each chapter. Groups should present their findings to the class covering the guidelines listed below. Can be from any character Explain why this is an important quote to understand as a reader Identify any literary devices within the quotation Think about how it relates back to one of the main themes presented in the novel (The American Dream, Social Classes, etc.)

12 Re-read chapter 9 in Gatsby
Homework Re-read chapter 9 in Gatsby Study for vocabulary – we will go over words tomorrow.

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