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Gatsby Jeopardy.

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1 Gatsby Jeopardy

2 Round One 1 point each

3 In which decade did The Great Gatsby take place?

4 1920s

5 What does Nick do for a living?

6 Bond salesman

7 How does Myrtle die?

8 She is hit by a car

9 What positive character trait does Nick claim to have?

10 Honesty

11 What emotions does Mr. Gatz have about his son’s death?

12 Sorrow, pride

13 Why do so many people stay away from Gatsby’s funeral?

14 They have no more use for him.

15 What does Nick mean when he says we are borne back “ceaselessly into the past?”

16 We all want to return to some idyllic version of the past.

17 What does the Valley of Ashes symbolize?

18 Desolation, death

19 What does Jordan’s willingness to have supper right after Myrtle was killed reveal about her character?

20 She is cold and callous.

21 What does Gatsby mean when he says that any love Daisy had for Tom was “just personal?”

22 His idealistic love for Daisy is something deeper than Tom and Daisy’s relationship could ever be.

23 What do Gatsby and Nick realize they have in common when they first meet?

24 They both fought in the war.

25 Which point of view is used to narrate the novel?

26 First person

27 Fitzgerald’s writing style could be described as which of the following: unemotional, journalistic, stream of consciousness, simple, poetic

28 poetic

29 Not a Question: Just note…
Fitzgerald’s works often include semiautobiographical events.

30 What did Gatsby think about Daisy’s past relationships?

31 They made her seem even more valuable and precious.

32 Round Two 2 points each

33 What word does Nick use to describe Daisy and Tom?
Concerned, adventurous, careless, lazy or loving?

34 Careless

35 Where is Daisy from?

36 Louisville

37 Which word best describes Gatsby
Which word best describes Gatsby? Plain, contented, cowardly, unambitious, or idealistic

38 idealistic

39 Why does Gatsby throw his lavish parties?

40 He hopes that Daisy will show up to one of them.

41 Why does Nick decide to return to the Middle West after Gatsby’s death?

42 He disagrees with the lack of morality in the East

43 Why does Gatsby take the blame for Myrtle’s death?

44 He wants to protect Daisy.

45 What does Nick mean when he says that Daisy’s voice is “full of money

46 Her voice reveals her high-social status.

47 What words best describe Daisy?

48 Weak and selfish

49 What does Nick mean when he says that Gatsby is left “watching over nothing” at Tom and Daisy’s house?

50 The dream he is trying to protect no longer exists.

51 Why does Gatsby try to impress Nick with his background?

52 He needs Nick’s help in arranging his reunion with Daisy.

53 How does Fitzgerald use images of the heat in the scene at the Plaza in New York?

54 To add to the conflict and tension rising between the characters

55 Which literary device is illustrated by the statement, “Gatsby’s very careful about women?”

56 Irony

57 What do all of the major character’s except for George and Myrtle have in common? They’re rich, they attended Princeton, they work on wall street, they’re from the West, or They have specific plans for the future.

58 They are all from the West.

59 In which war did Gatsby and Nick fight?

60 World War I

61 What makes Tom a hypocrite?

62 He condemns Gatsby and Daisy for their affair, but has been cheating on Daisy since they married.

63 Round Three Three points each

64 Who tells George Wilson who owns the yellow “death” car?

65 Tom

66 Who is Dr. T.J. Eckleburg?

67 A man whose eyes are pictured in an advertisement

68 What does “Owl Eyes” find remarkable about the books in Gatsby’s library?

69 They are real

70 Who is the only person who knows everything about the “death” car accident and everyone involved?

71 Nick

72 Why won’t Tom give up Daisy?

73 She is like one of his possessions.

74 Why does Tom insist that Daisy and Gatsby ride home together?

75 He wants to show Gatsby that he is confident that Daisy will not leave him.

76 What does the green light symbolize?

77 Gatsby’s dream of success

78 What does Daisy represent to Gatsby?

79 A world that he yearns to be a part of

80 Why did Gatsby buy his home in West Egg?

81 He wanted to be able to see Daisy’s house.

82 What “parallel discovery” do Tom and George make on the day of Myrtle’s death?

83 They both find out that their wives have been having affairs.

84 What is the climax of the novel?

85 When Myrtle is killed by the “death car”

86 What is the Jazz Age?

87 An age of new wealth, prosperity and reckless spending

88 The plot of the novel is built around a series of what literary device?

89 flashbacks

90 What is it about Jordan Baker that annoys Nick the most?

91 Her dishonesty

92 Who is in attendance at Gatsby’s funeral?

93 Nick, Mr. Gatz and “Owl Eyes”

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