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Literary Analysis The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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1 Literary Analysis The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

2 Genre Historical Novel

3 Point of View 1 st Person The story is told in flashback

4 Setting New York –Long Island (East and West Egg) –Summer –1922

5 Symbolism Gatsby’s and the Buchanan’s houses Gatsby’s – gaudiness and showing off his wealth Buchanan’s – tasteful sophistication The green light- hope

6 Symbolism cont. The valley of ashes – Death Dr. T. J. Eckleberg – God Gatsby’s library – Gatsby’s front, he’s all show Gatsby’s letter to Daisy – their love The mantle clock – time, time cut short East and West Egg – Old and new money

7 Symbolism cont. Gatsby and the Buchanan’s car Gatsby’s – showy, yellow (watered down gold) Buchanan’s – understated and class Heat – passion, anger

8 Themes The Corruption of the American Dream a. One is only limited by the limits of one’s dreams. b. Gatsby believes that the dream can be bought. c. Gatsby believes that the past can be recaptured.

9 Themes cont. Hope a. Nick reserving judgment is described as hope. b. Gatsby has an extraordinary gift of hope. c. Gatsby never loses hope to obtain Daisy.

10 Themes cont. Paradox a. One should be able to see that things are hopeless, and yet try to change them. b. Nick likes Gatsby even though he stands for everything that he hates. c. Nick is objective but refuses to take a stand. d. Nick is the only character who gains insight. e. Nick claims that he is honest, but sees no obligation to report things to the police.

11 Themes cont. Self Discovery a. Nick is the only character that learns from the mistakes that have been made.

12 Themes cont. Reality vs. Illusion a. The American Dream offers a better life, the illusion is that money alone can bring happiness. b. Gatsby can’t distinguish between the reality of how Daisy feels about him and the fantasy. c. Nick thinks that by going home to the Mid West, his problems will go away. d. Jordan faces the illusion that she can lie her way out of everything.

13 Themes cont. Possessiveness and Jealousy a. Tom doesn’t love Daisy, but he is possessive and jealous. b. Daisy hangs onto Tom even though she knows that he is unfaithful. c. Gatsby feels as if he owns Daisy. d. Tom doesn’t love Myrtle, but lies to keep her. e. Daisy doesn’t love Gatsby, but isn’t honest with him with her intentions.

14 Irony Tom thinks that women run around too much these days when he is doing the same thing. Tom states that too many people are sneering at family values while he is having an affair Jay Gatsby is really James Gatz

15 Irony cont. The title: What is great about Gatsby? –Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby –Gatsby goes to great lengths to hide his real parents, yet he has taken good care of his father.

16 Irony, cont. Gatsby’s lies are partly true. –Nick, Daisy’s cousin, just happened to move in next door to Gatsby. –Meyer Wolfsheim is Jewish and owns the Swastika Holding Company. –Only three people show up for Gatsby’s funeral After he had entertained thousands

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