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Estela Diaz and Bryant Gamez TIIP Support Staff

2 TIIP CONTACT INFORMATION Center X-TIIP Attn: (Estela Diaz or Bryant Gamez) 1320 Moore Hall, Los Angeles CA 90095 Phone Number: (310) Fax Number: (310) addresses

3 Do NOT contact UCLA Travel directly.
Air Travel Steps: Complete ALL fields on the “Flight reservation Request” form. Fax or to Estela. Do NOT contact UCLA Travel directly.

4 Conference Registration
At least 8 Weeks before the start of the conference, Estela with the following: Conference registration form: If PDF is available, please fax or form If no registration from is available, please send an with the following: Link to access site, name of attendee, amount of conference, dates attending, any other additional information required to register (i.e.. Member of organizations ..etc). If paying out of pocket: Include the confirmation or receipt you received from the conference and copy of any form of payment (credit card statement, copy of check, etc) to the Travel and Conference Reimbursement Claim form that you will be sending in once you return from traveling.

5 Travel Reimbursements
The following should be included in the Travel Reimbursement Claim form when returning from a trip: Mileage Registration fees if paid out of pocket All meals Lodging Parking Taxis/Shuttles/Auto Rentals Other: Any other expense made during trip that does not have a category i.e. luggage fees We need this within 30 days of your travel!

6 Lodging Expenses Each individual needs to pay for his/her own lodging.
In order to reimburse you for lodging expenses we will need to have: Itemized receipt from the hotel showing a ZERO balance OR a copy of your credit card statement indicating charge was made and an itemized receipt from the hotel. UCLA policy does not allow us to use discount sites such as Expedia or Travelocity.

7 Meal Expenses Must be ORIGINAL receipts and must be ITEMIZED!!!!
Please tape each receipt (neatly) on a 8 x 10 paper. We can only reimburse for $71/day. When the entire length of a trip is 24 hours or less, meals and incidental expenses DO NOT qualify for reimbursement unless the travel includes an overnight stay or the meal is part of a business meeting such as a conference or a working meal served at a meeting site. Do not staple or overlap receipts. Fax machine will not be happy!

8 Materials/Supplies/Meeting Expenses Reimbursement
This is the form that you use when you have non-travel related receipts to submit

9 Supply/Equipment Order Request Form
This is the form that you use when you want us to order materials for you

10 Substitutes Please fax/email form
Once we have received this form we will send a letter to your school and district The district will then invoice us directly and we will pay We do not pay schools directly unless you work for a charter/private school We do not have fund numbers to give to your school for payment

11 Please make sure that all your Team Members understand these policies.
THANK YOU! Estela and Bryant


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