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Accounts Payable Travel & Daily Mileage July 22, 2014.

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1 Accounts Payable Travel & Daily Mileage July 22, 2014

2 Tips for Travel  Must be submitted to Purchasing 14 days prior to date needed  Otherwise, reimbursement basis only  Include Vendor #s  Have funds/budget code available before submitting  Always use the latest form on A/P website  Utilize the red triangles and pop-up features built into the form  Approvals  Budget Manager must approve via email that is sent to Purchasing  Special Revenues-Grant Manager must be copied on the approval email  Helpful Tools Travel checklist Travel reservation form

3 Travel Form  Left side of form  Filled out prior to trip to encumber  A La Carte  Registration  Hotel  Airfare  Advanced Student Meals  Reimbursements  A/P needs to be notified of changes to travel  Change orders, travelers, etc.  Right Side of Form  Filled out for actual amounts  Actual amounts used to enter proper receiving records

4 Payment Methods Select one of the following in each section:  Advanced Payment  Hotel check to be hand delivered on first night stay  Receiving record entered in advance  Reimbursement  Receiving records entered after completion of trip  P-Cards

5 Supporting Documentation  Proof of Attendance  Certificate of Completion or CE Credit  If this is not provided, a name badge and explanation will suffice  Original Itemized Receipts  Meals  Tax, tips, alcohol not reimbursed  No Credit Card receipts  Parking, Tolls, Ground Transportation  MapQuest/Google Maps  Detailed Hotel Folio  Ensures we are only being charged proper taxes

6 Airfare  Making the Reservation (Advance)  Use National Travel (800-814-3336)  Budget/Funds in place prior to making reservation  PO# required to lock in rate  Fee  Invoice is sent to A/P from NTS  Reimbursement  Directly through Airline  All Airfare needs to be approved by Dr. Sconzo

7 Hotel  Abide by the limits  General Funding  $170/night or $100/night per occupant if sharing  Federal/Grant Funding   If Deposit is Required  The traveler will be responsible for holding the room with their personal credit card  Most hotels are requiring advanced payment of the 1 st night’s stay per room  Responsibility of the traveler- There are no exceptions  Reimbursement for this charge should be included on the travel form so that it can be encumbered  Check to the hotel will be for the remaining balance

8 Hotel Continued  Vendor must be in MUNIS  Reservation #  Exempt from State of Texas taxes only

9 Meals  Date & Time of Travel  Ensure correct # meals encumbered  Non-Overnight Travel  No meal reimbursements  General Fund limits  Up to $36/day  Federal/Grant Funding  Up to $7 Breakfast  Up to $12 Lunch  Up to $17 Dinner  Advanced Student Meals  24 hour waiting period to cash check due to banking procedures  If meals are provided by the conference, reimbursement will not be made for that meal

10 Mileage/Parking/Tolls  Overnight Travel  Mileage reimbursement at IRS rate  No reimbursement for actual gas receipts  NO mileage reimbursement when driving a district owned vehicle  Parking  Self-Service vs. Valet

11 Mileage/Parking/Tolls Cont.  Daily Mileage Form  Use most recent on AP website  Ensures proper rate  Any mileage in the “green sections” must have backup documentation from Map Quest or Google Maps  Required submissions are:  Electronically-PDF’s attached along with reimbursement request and approval  Hard Copy- Print out and paper clip to reimbursement request with approval  New Instructions are included in most recent form on A/P Website  Ensure funds are available before submitting for payment  This can delay reimbursement by 5-7 business days  Only one form per calendar month will be accepted  Reimbursement documentation should be submitted by the15 th of the following month- DO NOT HOLD ALL MILEAGE FORMS UNTIL YEAR END.

12 One last thought…  We rely on you to communicate this information with your campus and department staff as we are unable to reach out to all employees. Please be sure to share this information with your campus/staff.

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