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Travel Rules & Forms.

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1 Travel Rules & Forms

2 Before you pack your bags:
At least one week prior to your travel you must fill out a Travel Request Form. Your Travel Request Form must be accompanied by a Travel Expense Comparison Form. Your Travel Request Form must be signed by your supervisor and by the Commissioner.

3 * Be sure to update all input fields!
*New regulations state that: if it is more cost effective to rent a vehicle, but you choose to take your personal vehicle, you can only be reimbursed up to the cost of the rental vehicle.

4 These are the things you will be paying and requesting reimbursement.
What account will this expense be paid from? Your Information When/Where are you traveling? These are the items paid for on the Ghost/Team Card (By Deidra or Christina) These are the things you will be paying out of pocket and requesting reimbursement. You Supervisor Commissioner

5 Two weeks prior to your trip:
Send an to Deidra and Christina What days are you traveling? Where are you going? Do you need a hotel? Do you need a car rental? We can make most of your arrangement for you and have them direct billed to the state.

6 You have three options of how to pay for your out of pocket expenses:
Simply pay with cash or your person credit card. Apply for a state travel card to pay for your travel expenses Request a Cash Advance prior to your trip. (last resort) You must keep ALL receipts if you have a cash advance.

7 Applying for a State Travel Card:
Fill out the application and turn it into Deidra. A few things to note: The application is in your name Based on your credit You are responsible for paying the bill Late fees will be charged if you are late and they are non-refundable by the state. This card can only be used for travel purposes.

8 Applying for a Cash advance:
This form should be submitted at least 3 weeks before your travel begins. Must be submitted with a travel comparison form and a travel authorization form. You must have a receipt for every penny spent from a Cash Advance. Upon your return from your travel you must still do a travel reimbursement settlement form showing your travel expenses. WVDCH 0432 Your Information Finance will complete All fields are required to be filled out by the traveler. *Date are Required *All receipts should fall with-in these dates Must have all three signatures!

9 A few travel rules: The current TMO mileage reimbursement rate is 47 cents per mile. For our daily meal allowance we follow the GSA per diem meal rates. Rates are determined by destination, not by Headquarters All rates can be found on the travel management website: GSA meal rates change yearly, so be sure to check every time. While on travel the traveler can be reimbursed for meal up to the daily meal allowance On the first and last day of travel, the traveler can only be reimbursed up to 75% of the per diem. If you are traveling to a conference and meals are provided at the conference you can only request reimbursement for those meals not provided. In these instances the meal rates are divided as follows: Incidentals include miscellaneous fees such as porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel maids, meal tips, phone calls, etc. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Incidentals 15% of per diem 24% of per diem 50% of per diem $5.00

10 Car rentals: State Wide Contract is with Enterprise and Hertz
Reservations must be made in advance to obtain state rate Contact Deidra or Christina, via , to make these reservations Do NOT pay for refueling Do NOT take additional insurance Must rent economy or standard vehicle For a larger vehicle a written request must be submitted.

11 Private Vehicle vs rental:
4.2.4 Privately-Owned Vehicles (POV) Privately-owned vehicles may be used for state travel with agency approval when agency owned or leased vehicles are unavailable. A privately owned vehicle should not be used when reimbursement cost are expected to exceed $50.00 per day or more than the cost of commercial travel (air, rental car, etc.).

12 lodging: You can find a list of preferred hotels on the travel management website. If at all possible you should use one of these hotels Exceptions are made, just tell us why. Please review the hotels and send Deidra and Christina an stating which hotel you prefer and what your second option might be. Most hotels require you to carry your state ID to get the state rate.

13 Upon your return: As soon as possible you will need to turn in your receipts for any items that were direct bill. Exxon Fuel Hotel Folio Car Rental Receipt Please keep a copy of these receipts for yourself. You must attach a copy of all direct billed items to your travel reimbursement settlement form.

14 Travel Expense Settlement:
ALL fields should be completed with your information. Be sure to use your home address, not your work address. This form no longer asks for your social security number…this is for your vendor number. Christina or Deidra can provide you with your vendor number. You should ALWAYS be traveling to and from Headquarters. Any expenses that are to be reimbursed to you, the traveler, should be listed in this grid. This area is designated for coding – what account should this come out of? Anything listed in the other column, should be explained here. Any expenses that were direct billed are listed here. This include things that were place on the ghost card, the Exxon card, or someone’s purchasing card. Three signatures required!

15 Personal Vehicle Settlement Example:
Note – this person drove his personal vehicle This person paid for his own hotel. He should have attached an Original hotel receipt to this settlement. He has no items that were billed directly to the state.

16 Car rental Settlement Example:
Note – this person rented a vehicle This person’s hotel was paid on the Ghost Card. He should have attached a copy of his hotel receipt to this settlement. He has three items that were directed billed. The original receipts should have been given to Finance ASAP. The copies should be attached to this settlement.

17 Cash Advance Settlement Example:
Note – this person was issued a cash advance Original receipts for all items in this grid should be attached. The traveler did not spend the whole cash advance. A check for the remaining balance must be written to WVDCH and deposited back into the agency’s account. Copies of all receipts for items directed billed should be attached.

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