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IBA First Semester Exam Review. Microsoft Office 2010 Basics and the Internet 1.The tabs on the Ribbon organize the commands into related tasks. The commands.

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1 IBA First Semester Exam Review

2 Microsoft Office 2010 Basics and the Internet 1.The tabs on the Ribbon organize the commands into related tasks. The commands on each tab are organized into ______. Groups

3 2. Some buttons are like light switches: one click turns on the feature and the next click turns it off. This is often referred to as a(n) ____. toggle

4 3. ______preview lets you see how a gallery option affects your file without making the change. Live 4. The Dialog Box Launcher appears in the ________________ corner of any group that has related dialog box or task pane. Lower-right

5 5. ________________ tabs appear on the Ribbon only when you select certain items in a file, and they contain commands related to that item. Contextual

6 Word Lesson 1: Microsoft Word Basics 1. When using_________ software such as Word, you can easily create and edit documents, such as letters and reports. word processing

7 2. The ______ displays information about the current document and process. Status Bar

8 3. You can use the Zoom feature to ____________ your document on the screen. magnify or reduce 4. If the text you are typing extends beyond the right margins, it automatically moves to the next line with a feature called ____. Word Wrap

9 5. Documents printed in ________ orientation are longer than they are wide. Portrait 6. The Print tab in________ view enables you to look at a document as it will appear when printed before you actually print. backstage

10 7. The ______ Toolbar contains buttons (icons) for common commands. tabs 8. The Ribbon contains commands for working with the document, organized by _____. Quick Access

11 Word Lesson 2: Basic Editing 1. The __________ command allows you to see these hidden formatting marks. Show/Hide ¶

12 2. To quickly select everything in a document, press and hold _____. orange 3. When a toggle command on the Ribbon is selected, it is ______. CTRL+A

13 Word Lesson 3: Helpful Word Features 1. Formatting means to change the look of ______. Text 2. The __________ feature automatically applies built-in formats to text as you type. AutoFormat As You Type

14 3. To insert a symbol, on the Ribbon, click the _______ tab. Then, in the Symbols group, click the Symbol button. Insert

15 4.________ corrects common capitalization, spelling, grammar, and typing errors as you type. AutoCorrect

16 Word Lesson 4: Formatting Text 1. If you want to use a font size that is not on the drop-down menu of the Font Size box, type the point size directly in the Font Size box, and then press the ______ key. Enter

17 2. To change text to italic, press the ______ keys. Ctrl+ I

18 3. Standard font sizes for text are _________ points. 10, 11, and 12 points 4. To quickly change text to bold, press the __________ keys. Ctrl+B

19 5. A _________ is a coordinated set of fonts, styles, and colors. theme 6. Remember that you create a new paragraph every time you press _______ so a paragraph can be a single line or even one word. enter

20 7. ______ is the height of characters in units called points. Font style 8. ______ is the design of type. Font

21 Word Lesson 5: Formatting Paragraphs and Documents 1. Left-aligned and _____ are the two most commonly used text alignments in documents. justified

22 2. Word provides rulers along the _______ margins to help you as you format your documents. top and left 3. Text alignment can be set with left, right, center, or ________ tab stops. decimal

23 4. A ____ list is useful when items appear sequentially, such as instructions. numbered 5. A _______ indent is when only the first line of a paragraph is indented. first-line

24 6. A ______ list is a list with two or more levels of bullets or numbering. multilevel 7. The _______ are the blank areas around the top, bottom, and sides of a page. margins

25 Word Lesson 6: Working with Graphics 1. The term __________ refers not only to drawn images, but also to photographs, movie clips, and sound files. clip art 2. The squares and circles that appear on the selection rectangle are called ____. sizing handles

26 3. After you create columns, you might need to change the point at which a new column starts. You can do this by inserting a __________ break. column

27 4. To draw a shape, click the shape you want to draw on the menu. The pointer changes to the _______ pointer. Drag the pointer on the document to draw the shape. crosshairs

28 5. You can change the line _______ or thickness, of lines or shape outlines in your drawing. weight 6. ______ is stylized text that is treated as an object. WordArt

29 7. In the Search for box, type a word or words that describe the type of clip art you wish to insert. These words are called ______. Keywords 8. The relationship of the object’s height to its width is called the _______ ratio. aspect

30 9. To draw a square instead of a rectangle, or a circle instead of an oval, press and hold the _______ key while you drag the shape. shift 10. A _____ is a shape specifically designed to hold text. text box

31 Word Lesson 7: Working with Documents 1.If formatting marks are displayed, a manual page break appears immediately after the last line of text on the page. It is indicated by a ______ with the words Page Break in the middle of the line. Dotted line

32 2.If you know exactly how many rows and columns you want to create, you can click the Table button in the Tables group on the Insert tab, and then click ________ on the menu. Insert Table 3.A ___ is text that is printed at the bottom of each page. footer

33 4.A _____ is a part of a document where you can create a different layout from the rest of the document. section

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