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Travel at UCSF: The State Airfare Program and Travel and Entertainment Card UCSF Academic Senate.

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1 Travel at UCSF: The State Airfare Program and Travel and Entertainment Card UCSF Academic Senate

2 The State Airfare Program Who it is for: Employees traveling on University business

3 The State Airfare Program What it is: Favorable rates and terms on airfares (YCAL fares) between frequently traveled cities within and outside California Rates published at

4 How Favorable are the Rates? In-State Example: Oakland to San Diego, same day travel State Airfare Program, Southwest Airlines $89.00 (One-way, unrestricted, excludes tax) Southwest Airlines web site $129.00 (One-way, unrestricted, includes tax) Out of State Example San Francisco to Boston, mid-week fare, RT State Airfare Program, United Airlines $596.00 (Unrestricted, excludes tax) United Airlines web site $683.00 (non-refundable, $100 change fee, includes tax) Examples assumed 7 Day advance Booking, researched 2/14/06

5 Why Use the Program? Favorable Pricing, especially for one-way travel No out-of-pocket expense to traveler Tickets are fully refundable and exchangeable at no additional cost No advance purchase required—book anytime, even day of travel, at the published rate No minimum stay required Traveler may earn Frequent Flyer Miles $200K Business Accident Insurance at no additional cost Baggage Insurance included

6 How to Enroll Your Department in the Program Complete State Airfare Sub Account Enrollment Form (one time—if your department is not yet in the program: http://acctg/accounts_payable/ap_main_menu/airfare.htm

7 How to Purchase Tickets Complete State Airfare Purchase Agreement Form with authorized signature Fax Completed for to UCSF Controller’s Office AP/Travel Service Desk: Fax no. 415 476-6168 Complete the UCSF Reservation from at Fell Travel’s website Fell Travel will email confirmation to you and your travel coordinator <24 hrs. Fell Travel faxes State Airfare Purchase Agreement form to AP/Travel Service Desk which verifies authorization. Fell Travel emails e-ticket to traveling employee and travel coordinator

8 What has Changed? Fell Travel replaced Campus Travel as Vendor, effective July 2005 Reservations may be made through Fell Travel’s Web Site

9 Continue to complete the State Airfare Purchase Agreement Form Use existing departmental Sub-BTA account Flexibility—if you prefer to use Non- State Airfares, you may continue to book through Campus Travel

10 How Well Utilized is the Program? Details of Airfare Purchases not captured, but on a “spend” basis: Quarter 4, 2005, UCSF Total In-state Airfare spend: $169,000 Approximately 20% of spend within State Airfare Program 166 (RT) flights 130 individuals, most with one flight

11 How we Promote the State Airfare Program State of California Fleet Website Accounts Payable Website E-Mail Announcement of Program Changes 7/1/2005

12 How does the program coordinate with other Travel Procurement options? Employees are encouraged to apply for and use the UCSF US Bank Travel and Entertainment (corporate) credit card. Expenses may be reimbursed for UCSF business related travel expenses: Hotels, meals, ground transportation Flights other than State Airfare program

13 How do I get a Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Card? Use on line application form Submit completed form to Accounts Payable, Travel and Entertainment Desk, 1855 Folsom St, Box 0812, SF, CA 94141-0812

14 Why Use the T&E Card Compliant with UCOP Policy G-28 (Policies & Regulations regarding travel) UCSF receives incentives for use T&E card tracks the “spend” history for input into strategic sourcing and negotiations Flights, hotel, car rental Automatic Flight Insurance Ability to track employees in emergencies Baggage Insurance Employee does not tie up own credit limits, submits expenses to pay bill.

15 What’s Coming Up in Travel? Travel Expenses are Large $15 Million per Annum at UCSF T/E card provides over 33,000 lines of spend data, enabling improved analysis OP formed UC’s second Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Travel First meeting February 6, 2006 Over $252 Million UC-Wide spend “Largest unmanaged travel program in the Country”

16 Your Questions and Input

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