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Commonwealth Travel Why are we here?  New travel policy  New travel agent  New online booking tool.

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2 Commonwealth Travel Why are we here?  New travel policy  New travel agent  New online booking tool

3 Commonwealth Travel Should be easier! …and should save the commonwealth money…

4 Commonwealth Travel Quirks of the old system… …multiple management directives, multiple contracts, systems that didn’t talk to each other, databases that didn’t meet our business needs….

5 Commonwealth Travel Benefits of the new system… …a single policy, agent/online arrangements in the same place, agencies get more info, better online tools, negotiated rates…

6 Commonwealth Travel Our new travel partner…  ADTRAV Travel Management  30+ years, gov’t travel experience  One of the largest agencies in US  Agent and online help  Trained specifically for PA travel policies

7 Commonwealth Travel 1. Who does what 2. Review the policy 3. Some key reminders 4. Check out the online system

8 Commonwealth Travel Your Agency  Reconciles agency air & lodging card use  Contacts travel office to authorize use of lodging card  Provides accounting codes  Augments statewide policies with agency- specific procedures

9 Commonwealth Travel Office of Travel Operations  Sets statewide travel booking policy  Provides travel training/information  Helps with group travel  Approves use of lodging cards  Manages preferred vendors  Supervises travel management company

10 Commonwealth Travel ADTRAV  Provides live travel agents for international/complex travel, agency lodging card bookings and travelers with disabilities  Provides 24/7 traveler assistance  Manages online booking system  Runs booking system help desk  Provides reports

11 Commonwealth Travel Commonwealth Payroll Operations  Sets statewide reimbursement policy  Receives, reviews, approves expense reports for payment  Manages cash advances  Conducts travel expense audits

12 Commonwealth Travel General  Book online –  International, complex, lodging card, travelers with disabilities call ADTRAV at 1.866.530.8899  Non-compliant bookings subject to audit

13 Commonwealth Travel Air  Must pay with agency air card  Coach only  Must consider 2 hours before/after and single-connection flights that save $200+  Must consider alternate airports that save $300+  If you cancel, must use ticket for next applicable trip

14 Commonwealth Travel Car Rental & Ground  Use a fleet vehicle if you can  Use preferred vendors: currently Enterprise and National  Use shuttles and public transit, if less expensive  Book Amtrak directly  Personal mileage at GSA rate

15 Commonwealth Travel Lodging  Allowed when 50+ miles from home and headquarters  Must use preferred hotel, if available  If not available, cannot exceed GSA rate  Conferences: if higher than GSA rate, must seek lower (can be at same hotel)  Stays over 60 days must be pre- approved

16 Commonwealth Travel Subsistence  Can only claim actual expenses  Overnight status: up to $36/day  Must deduct if meal is provided  Less than 24 hrs: $4.50 for every 3 hrs  High-cost areas follow GSA (-incidental)

17 Commonwealth Travel Payment  Airfare to agency air cards  Infrequent travelers to agency lodging cards  4x or more/year = PNC card  No more than 2 cash advances per year, need 10 day advance, $500 minimum

18 Commonwealth Travel Reimbursements  Smaller of actual expense/maximum allowed  Submit expense report within 60 days  Must submit receipts of $35+ but all are auditable for up to a year  Third-party reimbursement agreements must be provided/documented

19 Commonwealth Travel All credits, promotions, certificates or other considerations earned during commonwealth business travel must be used for commonwealth business travel.

20 Commonwealth Travel Before we look at the online booking system in detail, there are some big-ticket reminders worth writing down! We’ll provide more detail when we demo the system… but you need to pay close attention to these topics.

21 Commonwealth Travel Important! The only exceptions to online booking are for:  international travel  complex travel  agency lodging card reservations  travelers with disabilities

22 Commonwealth Travel Important!  The first time you log in, your:  username is your 6-digit employee ID number  password is “adtrav” followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number

23 Commonwealth Travel Important!  Plan to take 5 minutes the first time you use the system to update your profile. Most information will transfer from the SAP system.  Secure flight federal mandate: your name in the system and the name on your gov’t issued identification MUST MATCH EXACTLY!

24 Commonwealth Travel Important!  Only you can give rights to another person to arrange travel on your behalf.

25 Commonwealth Travel Important! If you booked a hotel in the old system for travel after July 1:  your reservation will transfer to the new system; you will receive a new confirmation number; must present your corporate card at check in, if appropriate

26 Commonwealth Travel Important! If you booked a flight in the old system for travel after July 1:  your reservation will remain in the old system; confirm details with airline 24 hours prior to travel; if you need changes or help, call the travel office at 717.265.8509

27 Commonwealth Travel Important!  There will be changes in the expense reimbursement screens in employee self service. Most are cosmetic.  In mileage, you’ll now have to go to the “detail” screen.  To print, right click and select “print.”

28 Commonwealth Travel Let’s look at the online booking system…

29 Commonwealth Travel Remember book commonwealth travel online 866.530.8899 ADTRAV Travel Management complex travel, changes, lodging card reservations and help 717.265.8409 Commonwealth Office of Travel Operations travel booking policy, group travel 800.824.0626 Bureau of Commonwealth Payroll Operations expense policy, reports, audits and reporting assistance

30 Commonwealth Travel Questions?

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