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Chapter 8: Teamwork and Communications

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1 Chapter 8: Teamwork and Communications
The Team and the Organization Why Teamwork Works The Team and It’s Members The Business of Communication Communication Channels Forms of Communication (cases and problems)

2 1. The Team and the Organization
What is the difference between a team and a group? Discuss the characteristics of teams Why do businesses use teams? Discuss the make up, function and operation of these types of teams: Manager-lead teams, Self-managing teams, cross-functioning teams and virtual teams

3 2. Why Teamwork Works What are the factors in an effective work team?
What makes a team cohesive? What is groupthink and what negative role does it play in team process? Discuss obstacles in team success

4 3. The Team and It’s Members
Why is it important to develop team skills? What skills do individual team members need to be successful in the team? What are the two basic challenges of a team? Describe the individual team member roles that help or hinder these challenges What are the eight ways to add value and survive team projects at college? Discuss the seven types of skills and behaviors that help team leaders influence their members and gain their trust

5 4. The Business of Communication
What is business communication and why is it important? What are the benefits of strong communication? What communication skills are important?

6 5. Communication Channels
How does organizational communication differ from general communication? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of communication flow? Explain the concept of channels of communication including internal/external and formal and informal communication What is a formal communication network? The informal communication network? What kinds of problems can occur when both are in place? Discuss cultural and functional barriers to communication. How are the two different? Alike?

7 6. Forms of Communication
Discuss tips on effective etiquette Explain the four steps to an effective presentation. Include the rules for visual aids What are the key components for an effective memo? What role does non-verbal communication play in the communication process? Positive? Negative?

8 Cases and Problems The class will divide into four groups:
Group 1 and group 3 will address the Ethics Angle section of Chapter 8 Group 2 and group 4 will address the Global View section of Chapter 8 Be prepared to discuss your answers in your groups in the next class session

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