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Populations and Communities

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1 Populations and Communities
Living Things and the Environment

2 A little vocab… Ecology - the study of how organisms interact with their environment Organism - a living thing Habitat - the specific environment that provides the things an organism needs to live, grow, and reproduce

3 Living or Nonliving? Biotic Factor - living parts of a habitat
Examples - flowers, worm, frog Abiotic Factor - nonliving part of a habitat Examples - water, sunlight, oxygen

4 The Line-Up Species - group of organisms that mate and reproduce
Population - all members of one species in a particular area Community - all different populations that live in an area Ecosystem - a community including its surrounding environment (abiotic factors)

5 Populations and Communities
Studying Populations

6 Types of Observations Direct Observation - counting all individuals by ones Indirect Observation - counting the “signs” of an individual

7 Methods of Study Sampling - taking an estimate of a type of organism in an area Mark-and-Recapture Studies - catch an organism, mark it, then release

8 Population Fluctuation
Birth Rate - # of births in a population during a specific time Death Rate - # of deaths in a population during a specific time If birth rate is > than death rate, then population is ____________ If birth rate is < than death rate, then population is ____________

9 Population Fluctuation
Immigration - organisms moving into a population Emigration - organisms moving out of a population Population Growth Equation: (B - D) + (I - E) = N *If N is a positive #, the population is increasing

10 Population Fluctuation
Population Density - # of individuals in a specific area Population Density Equation: # individuals Unit area

11 Population Factors Limiting Factor - an environmental factor that causes a population to decrease Examples: food and water, space and weather Carrying Capacity (K) - the largest population that an area can carry

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