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SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK

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1 SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK
Lecture 10: Gender inequality

2 Gender inequality in Hong Kong
Differences in income In 2003, estimated earned income For female: US$ 19,593; For male: US$ 35,037 Ratio: 0.56 Political power, 2004 Members of the Executive Council (4/21) Members of the Legislative Council (11/60) Members of the District Councils (18%) Civil servants (33.6%) L10:

3 Proportion of females in total employment by major occupation category (2002)

4 Job/ Employment Segregations
Vertical segregations Males are clustered in higher ranking jobs (i.e. managerial & administrative staff of the company) While females are occupying those lower ranking and lower paid jobs (i.e. clerical workers) Horizontal segregations Boys and girls are working in different economic sectors (manufacturing vs construction) Boys in professional sectors (i.e. engineers) while girls as service providers (i.e. nurse, teachers) L10:

5 Reasons for the segregation
Gender inequality in educational attainment: Less females than males have a qualification of secondary or higher education (age 15 and above) A large proportion of females have no education L10:

6 How about the younger generation?!
Boys’ and girls’ enrollment in different level of study L10:

7 Better future for females?
Increase in girls’ educational attainment. Human capital approach Free market Changes in economic structure will lead to greater opportunities for women (expansion of service sector) Feminization of job After women enter labour forces, social changes might result (from professional to political) L10:

8 Some observations in HK
Class effect in gender inequality: Women at the top vs women in low-income families In 2001, the median income for total working population: female is HK$8,500; male is HK$12,000 (differences: 29%) For unskillful workers: female is HK$3,900; male is HK$7,500 (differences: 48%) Who are the unskillful labour in HK? L10:

9 L10:

10 When capitalism meets patriarchy…(Marxist)
Women provide the reserve labour The effect of marriage on women’s labour force participation L10:

11 Women’s role in society
Traditional homemaker vs employed outside Motherhood L10:

12 Suggested Readings: Chan, Kam Wah and C.H. Ng (1994) "Gender, Class and Employment Segregation in Hong Kong," in S.K. Lau, et al. (ed.) Inequalities and Development: social stratification in Chinese societies, HK: CU Press L10:

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